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Summer Packing Tips

Are you planning a trip anywhere soon? Travel is something to look forward to, but packing can be a pain. Here are a few summer packing tips to help make it a total breeze!

1. Plan outfits ahead of time. This means no procrastinating, as tempting as it can be! When you have your outfits planned you won’t end up wasting space with random garments that won’t work with anything else you have packed. It also saves you time getting ready when you are at your destination. Make sure you are planning practical outfits – if you are going camping, it’s unlikely you’ll need heels and a party dress!

2. Roll your clothes or use space bags. Both of these packing methods will help save space in your bag and also prevent harsh wrinkles in your clothes that can happen when you fold them. If you are bringing clothes made of delicate fabrics or that wrinkle easily, rolling them together with another garment or two will help. These packing methods can also help keep your bag organized because you will be able to see everything you have packed and won’t have to dig around your bag looking for a particular garment.

3. Make sure your travel sized toiletries are fully stocked. It may seem logical to wait until right before you leave to pack your essentials to make sure you pack everything you use in your routine, but bringing full sized products takes up precious space in your bag. Be mindful of size restrictions if you are flying to your destination so that you won’t have any of your products thrown away before you get there.  When you get back from your trip be sure to refill and restock so that packing for you next trip will be even easier!
summer-holiday-packing-tips-for-packing-the-perfect-case-style-doctors-stylistsMain Image: | Packing list | Neck pillow | Suitcase | Sunglasses | Headphones | Toiletries set

Want more tips on how to pack your perfect travel wardrobe? Contact one of our stylists for a style session to ensure your outfits are ready to go when you are!

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