Below is a historical selection of our personal stylist testimonials however more reviews can be viewed underneath each service here.

A few hours ago I returned from my first ever experience with a personal stylist at Westfield Stratford City after a mad panic that I had no decent outfit for my best mate’s wedding party this same weekend. Leena was amazing from the moment I met her to the moment we parted company. She’d read my questionnaire and had already eyed up a large number of outfits in a range of stores. I felt totally comfortable with her and ended up with such a beautiful selection of clothes that suited my budget. Leena is a real talent and has provided me not only with the most amazing attire for this weekend that I feel brilliantly confident in, but also with a new eye for fashion that I would have previously just walked past – all in the space of a couple of hours! I already look forward to working with her again, at least 2 or 3 times over the year to help me with me with my wardrobe, it was a real joy – much more enjoyable than the bore and chore that clothes shopping used to be. Thanks Leena, and Style Doctors! Highly recommended, and well worth that extra bit of dosh for all that you get out of it!!

Simon, Westfield Stratford (February 2014)

I just want to convey how satisfied I am with my Personal Shopping experience last Friday with Stephanie. I was a bit nervous, having flown in from Sweden, never done this sort of thing before and had no idea what to expect. Stephanie was so professional and full of energy that by the end of the day she had instilled me with a huge dose of self confidence. Even when I came home and unpacked everything I knew that I will use every single piece of item that I bought. I still can not process that it took 15 minutes to find a pair of jeans that fit me perfectly! (I NEVER find jeans that fit me.)So again, please let Stephanie know how happy I am with how by birthday turned out, and that I will definitely come back and user Style Doctors and her services again!

Kimmy, Westfield London (February 2014)

Hi I just wanted to say thank you to my personal stylist Elin for today. She is a credit to your organisation and I really felt that I got my monies worth. I have come away from today with some lovely clothes (well wardrobe really) as it included coats, belts and shoes and all within budget. A genuinely enjoyable shopping experience and this from a man who does not normally enjoy shopping for clothes at all. Thanks again and I will be booking again in a couple of months.

Andy, Westfield Stratford (January 2014)

Thanks very much, I had a great day with my personal shopper Steph. She was such a lovely person and I am so pleased with everything I bought.

Caroline, London (December 2013)

I would just like to say a very big thank you to Elin for her help on Saturday. I had the most amazing shopping experience and I really appreciated the help and advice she gave me. I had a fantastic time and I will definitely be recommending your service to others.

Lydia, Westfield (November 2013)

Thank you so much for my personal style report. I am going to print this off and have all the pictures inside my wardrobe so I can choose an outfit the night before. I had an amazing day and I’m really glad that I went for the total makeover in the end. I had a blast from start to finish and I can’t wait for everyone to see my outfits.

Sarah, Essex (October 2013)

Thank you for a truly fantastic personal stylist experience at Westfield last week. I just cannot believe that I managed to get a whole winter wardrobe in just two hours. I will certainly book again for a home visit.

Nital, East London (September 2013)

I did indeed enjoy the day on Monday, it was such fun and a great relief!!! I was strangely very nervous before she arrived but within a very short time started to enjoy the experience – it was refreshing that she took such a great interest in me, my life style, likes and dislikes. El built on what I already had and expanded by wardrobe beyond belief. I have been waxing lyrical to all my friends and work colleagues about El and what a great job she did on the day. I loved her energy and knowledge and I wore the first outfit that evening and both my husband and daughter were amazed at my transformation so thank you. I am already contemplating a few additional extras based on El’s advice!!

Jane, Twickenham (June 2013)

I just wanted to tell you that I had a great shopping day with you on Saturday. I was quite stressed as shopping is really not my thing but you have been so efficient that I can’t help but to admire my new wardrobe. My husband already complimented me. I was as well really impressed to realise that considering everything I bought and how good it all looks I did spend less than my budget.I’m really looking forward to receive your report to ensure I use my brand new wardrobe at best. Thank you very much.

Helene, Westfield London (June 2013)

I had a fabulous day last week with my personal stylist I’m finally ready for summer! Before booking my friends either told me ‘you don’t need a personal stylist, you look nice’ or ‘I’ll take you shopping, don’t waste your money’. What I found out very quickly was that shopping with a personal stylist is totally different. It’s quick, targeted and I achieved so much. The main thing is that I know that I’ll wear 100% of everything we bought (including the blazer which I adore!). Thank you.

Alice, London (June 2013)

I really enjoyed my shopping trip in Cambridge this week with my personal shopper, thank you. I’m a planner and I thought that the way my stylist had meticulously organised where we would be going was amazing. Your service is very professional and fun at the same time.

Hannah, Cambridge (June 2013)

Thank you Style Doctors. I don’t think I’ll ever need to shop alone again!

Mark, London (May 2013)

I’d used the free personal shoppers in a few department stores before but they paled in comparison to your service! I didn’t feel pressured into buying anything like I had with the free personal shoppers and I feel like I’ve got so much more for my money (that’s counting your fee). Job well done!

David, London (May 2013)

I thought your service was professional and of an exceptionally high standard from start to finish. After calling a few personal stylist companies I decided to go for yours and I am very happy with the results. I thought that my personal stylist was extremely knowledgeable and that we achieved a great deal day in half a day. I feel like I have so much choice of mix and match outfits. I will be calling again in the winter.

Saima, UAE (May 2013)

Thank you for an amazing life changing day on Tuesday. I had much more fun that I ever thought I could shopping! After speaking to my friend who’d used you guys and seeing how she looked after her day I knew I needed a session. I did think that I would be a personal stylists worst nightmare but the amount of outfits we got was AMAZING. Thank you!  P.S I never leave the house without a necklace now!

Ellie, Westfield London (April 2013)

One of the main things that worried me before booking was ‘Will I get on with my personal stylist’ and ‘How will she get me’. However, any fears I had were short lived! She made me feel at ease within seconds of meeting. You guys are now on my speed dial! Great, friendly service!

Gabby, Manchester (April 2013)

My hubby and I usually try to get each other ‘different’ gifts for our birthday’s but I never expected a Total Makeover as a gift this year (I’d half expected another spa day). I can’t tell you how happy I was to get a personal stylist for the day! Out of both the morning and afternoon session it was the former that shocked me the most. The way the stylist made outfits from my random clothes was truly amazing! I even felt like I had a new wardrobe before leaving the house. The shopping in the afternoon was also useful. I’d recommend going for this full day if you’re unsure. Thanks Style Doctors!

Suzanne, London (March 2013)

Thank you very much for such a great time at Westfield on Monday. I found the whole experience exhilarating from start to finish and I can’t believe we achieved so much in half a day. My husband was so impressed with the purchases that he said I can see you every year for my birthday!

Bethany, London (March 2013)

Thank you for everything – loads of great advice and ideas; just a wonderful day with lovely company.

B Brown, Worcester (March 2013)

Very enjoyable, informative. A real treat. Will look forward to trying out the suggestions made and introducing ‘the new colours’

Carers Outreach Service, North Wales (February 2013)

Very useful and informative. Encouraged to re-structure clothing and be more positive in selecting items.

Carers Outreach Service, North Wales (February 2013)

I thought this was an absolutely “inspired” idea for a carers event. So many carers have little or no time at all to spend on clothes/make-up shopping, or are just plain too tired. As Elin said it helps so much to present our best face for ourselves as well as to the outside world. Thank you for a smashing afternoon.

Carers Outreach Service, North Wales (February 2013)

Really enjoyed this event. Picked up some very useful tips and I will definitely use more colour.

Carers Outreach Service, North Wales (February 2013)

I thought that this course was very well conducted. Lovely lunch, pleasant company. Teacher was very pleasant, engaging with all that attended. More courses of this ilk would be great.

Carers Outreach Service, North Wales (February 2013)

I had a great day on Tuesday with my personal stylist and I’ve been raving about my day to anyone who’ll listen! The best (early) Christmas present I’ve ever received. Thanks.

Linda, Manchester (January 2013)

Thank you for an an amazing day. I’d used a personal shopper at a department store before and was expecting the same sort of service but I got so much more. Your stylist was incredibly knowledgeable, professional and made shopping a breeze. I am recommending you guys to everyone!

Lara Jane, Kent (December 2012)

What a thoroughly enjoyable, pain-free, worthwhile experience. The stylist was professional, knowledgeable and very friendly. I would highly recommend.

Benjamin, Greater London (November 2012)

Thank you so much for the shopping trip on Saturday. I finally feel excited about getting ready for work in the mornings. I love every single item that we bought together and I can really see myself getting so much wear out of everything.

Margaret, London (November 2012)

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to my personal stylist who’s made me feel like a swan rather than an ugly duckling (that I was feeling like as of late). I had an amazing day and never thought I’d actually like shopping. Going to recommend you guys to all of my friends.

Sara, London (October 2012)

I have never written a testimonial before but I’ve never so happy with a product/service that I’ve received before either! The whole day or experience should I say was thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. The main worry I had was that I’d be spending the whole day with someone I didn’t click with but I was put at easy immediately- result! Then the day just got better and better. The wardrobe session was enlightening to the say the least. Who knew that my old suit jacket would be so useful. The shopping part was also great and I learnt so much trying on various outfits and ‘mixing and matching’. I will certainly be back when my wardrobe needs updating again. Cheers, Style Doctors 5* service!

Robert, Birmingham (September 2012)

After having kids I’d lost my confidence shopping and felt that nothing looked right on my post-baby body so my husband bought me this. I put off booking until I spoke to a member of the team on the phone who put me at ease. I still can’t believe how much we managed to buy in four hours. I could never have achieved this shopping for a year by myself. I feel excited to be doing the school run now. Thank you so much Style Doctors.

Jane, Surrey (July 2012)

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed my Style Doctor visit last week and what a pleasure it was to be given the confidence and self-belief the Style Doctor instills in a such positive, natural and easy-going way, to wear and buy the right clothing and styles. As opportunities arise I will highly recommend your business.

Mr Wilson, Greater London (June 2012)

I had so much fun shopping today and I still can’t quite believe what was achieved in just two hours. I’ve got some amazing things that would have probably taken me a year to find myself and I’m already feeling really confident again.

Sean, London (May 2012)

Having used a few personal shoppers in the past in various locations across the globe I can truly say that the service you offer is second to none. I achieved more in half a day than I ever did before. Westfield was a great shopping destination too.

James, London (March 2012)

My wife had a fantastic day with her Style Doctor, thank you. For someone that hated shopping with a passion she’s now telling me how she’s going to layer and accessorize?! An excellent gift, thank you.

D Jones, Bristol (March 2012)

I thought only celebrities could afford a Personal Stylist so I was over the moon when I realised that I could have my very own stylist! It felt amazing to have someone pick out all these great clothes just for me. I don’t know how you do it! I had the best day.

Suzanne, London (February 2012)

Thank you once again, you really made this a fantastic experience for me and I would whole – heartedly recommend it to anyone.

K, Birmingham (February 2012)

I will never shop alone again! P.S The jeans are amazing and everyone keeps asking me where I got everything! THANK YOU.

Katrine, Milton Keynes (November 2011)

Thanks for a great day Style Doctors. I’ve learnt so much from our day and I’ve been putting into practice all the tips you gave me. I’ve had so many positive comments already and feel the best I’ve ever felt (and certainly look better than I’ve ever done). Thank you so much!!

J.Jacobs, London (October 2011)

I just wanted to say thank you for a great Colour and Accessories Party. I felt a bit of pressure as I was the one who organised this for my sisters Birthday but all my fears were soon gone. The Style Doctor was lovely and she gave everyone some great advice. We have already planned to shopping together using her suggestions!

Sue, North London (May 2011)

I had previously used a Personal Shopper at a Department store and although the service was free I didn’t feel very satisfied at the end of it. A friend had used Style Doctors and suggested I used their services. I was blown away with what I learnt during the day. It was exactly what I wanted!

Pamela, Reading (March 2011)

I found out what colours suit me, what shapes suit me and most of all I got a fantastic wardrobe out of it. Thanks, see you next season!I had a fantastic day with my Style Doctor. I received the day as a voucher (a complete surprise!) I didn’t really know what to expect from the day but it was AMAZING! She looked through my wardrobe and put some lovely outfits together using what I already had. We then went shopping (something I usually hate) but she showed me how to shop properly. I even visited shops that I didn’t even know existed. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, like shopping and mix and match everything. Would highly recommend.

Tilly, London (March 2011)

After having 5 children I thought my life as a stylish woman was over and boy was I wrong! I can’t believe how you managed to make any use of my existing wardrobe and got me 42 outfits before even leaving for the shopping trip. I feel like a new woman and feel like I’ve got so much confidence in myself and in the choices I make. The tracksuit bottoms have long gone and my fitted jeans are great. I can’t thank you enough.

A.J Rowlands, Milton Keynes (February 2011)

I loved my day and I can’t wait to book again. I wish I’d done it sooner.

Danielle, Sevenoaks (November 2010)

Thanks for a great day Style Doctors. I can’t believe just how much was covered in the time we spent together. I can spend that amount of time looking for one item of clothing and I came away with bags. I was so pleased that you took me into shops that I recognised and made me go into new shops and took me out of my comfort zone. I certainly don’t dread going shopping anymore.

Sue, London (November 2010)

Without sounding OTT you’ve totally changed my life and for that I am eternally grateful, but you probably hear this all the time!! Thank you so much in helping me find myself again.

Bluebell, London (October 2010)

Very professional service, thoroughly enjoyed my day. Will be using your services again very soon.

Dean, Manchester (July 2010)

I had a total make-over package with one of the Style Doctors this week. It was the best money I have spent for a long time. I totally recommend it to anyone. She discovered lots of outfits in my own wardrobe that I didn’t even realised were there. I have had lots of compliments and been asked if I have lost weight a few times and this is only day 3! It is amazing knowing what colours and shapes can do for your self confidence. Thank you for a fantastic day.

Shelley, Guildford (June 2010)

I’d come to a point in my life where I thought I really needed someone to help me with my wardrobe. My eldest child had just left home and it was “my time”. Without sounding too dramatic it was one of the best days of my life. I learnt so much and I know that I’ll be putting all of this into practice for the rest of my life. My only regret is that I hadn’t done it sooner. Thoroughly recommended.

Shana, Peterborough (June 2010)

When I told my friends I was doing this they thought I was mad as they said that I always looked nice. I personally wanted to know about what new things I could try and how to make the most of what I had. I certainly did that and came away with 97 outfits. Needles to say my friends will all be giving you a call. Thanks for opening my eyes!!

Nancy, Southampton (May 2010)

I definitely believe that after my style day I have become much more confident and I’m also much happier with myself and in the process have even got a girlfriend. Thanks again for a great day.

Jonathan, Middlesex (March 2010)

The woman on the phone said the Style Doctor would put about 40 outfits together using my own clothes and my reaction was ‘yeah right’. I was so shocked that she in fact put 51 outfits together before we left the house. I guess it’s a gift that I was clearly not born with! Great day, would recommend it to anyone.

Tamsin, Brighton (February 2010)

I love the clothes, the hair, the makeup’ everything! I can’t thank you enough I feel like I’ve got a second wind!

J. Ruben, Leicester (November 2009)

I feel like I don’t really need to go shopping anymore as I always seem to have everything in my wardrobe all of which can be mixed and matched together. I used to worry when a big party or works do used to come up but I can now just pick out something from my wardrobe without breaking into a sweat. Thanks again.

Mrs Danner, Cambridge (November 2009)

As a friend of mine recommended you to me I thought I would give it a try and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Many thanks and see you again for my winter wardrobe.

James, Oxford (September 2009)

After having two children and being out of fashion as you would call it for so long I felt like I had lost my way. When I used to work I was always well dressed and loved putting outfits together. After the kids I just used to look in my wardrobe and want to cry. Not anymore!!! I loved the whole experience, who would have thought that my little vests would come in so handy. Thanks for making me see myself again and putting me back on the style path.

Lindsey, London (July 2009)

Having looked at various websites and trying to decide which package suited me I’m sure I chose the right company and the perfect package for me. The Style Doctor was really friendly and put me at ease even before we met (I must admit I was still nervous on the morning). I had a fantastic day and would recommend it to anyone.

Pamela, Leeds (June 2009)

It might sound a bit extreme but you’ve really changed my life. I thought that it was all downhill when I got to fifty but boy was I wrong, thank you so much.

Jane, Essex (May 2009)

I can’t believe how happy I am. I had been contemplating using a personal shopper for a long time and I’m so glad I did. You’ve given me some much needed confidence back. I will tell all friends about you.

Rita, Bristol (March 2009)

I’m really glad I decided to go with The Style Doctors. After calling other various consultants I felt that you guys offered me the best package for my needs and I got a good vibe talking to you on the phone. Loved everything about the day from the wardrobe session to the time the Style Doctors left me.

Lynda Kozlowski, London (January 2009)

What did I do without you all my life? I feel like I finally know what suits me. I love the new jeans. I had searched high and low for the perfect pair but never found them. Thank you so much.

Jenny, Hull (December 2008)

I feel like a new woman and I look like a new woman. Gone are the days when my husband would come home and say ‘we are going to a work party next week’ and I’d come out in a cold sweat. I feel like I could put together hundreds of outfits using the clothes that we bought. I hated going to my husband’s parties but now I get really excited as everyone always comments on how nice I look. It’s gone down well with my husband too as I’m the confident woman he used to take to parties all those years ago.

Suzanne, Chester (October 2008)

One thing I was very wary of before using the service is that I would feel really intimidated by the Style Doctor and that she would take me to lots of expensive shops. My mind was put to rest when she rang me up and we had a nice chat about what I wanted to get out of the day before we even met. I thought this was lovely as I felt like I knew her and she knew me before the initial meeting. I didn’t want to spend too much money but I was amazed at how much we got for the budget. Two months down the line and there are some things that I still haven’t worn. Thanks for a fun and educational day.

Rachel, Reading (June 2008)

All my friends said ‘we’ll take you shopping; you don’t need a personal shopper’. I had been going shopping with them for years and I felt like they knew me too well and couldn’t see me as the woman I wanted to be. I’m really glad that I booked a half day shopping with you as I now finally look on the outside how I felt on the inside (if that makes sense).

Nina, Cardiff (May 2008)

As a rule I hate shopping (like most men I guess) but after the shopping day I feel like a new man. I was impressed with everything that we got and I now see things as outfits rather than stand alone pieces.

James, Manchester (March 2008)

I was so happy that the personal stylist came to Birmingham on our shopping trip as it helped me see the shops on offer in my city in a whole new light. I used to stick to the same old shops but the Style Doctor took me into lots of new shops that I had once dismissed. Thank you so much.

Kelly Ruben, Birmingham (March 2008)

Thanks for a great day. I got on really well with the Style Doctor and she was really funky and knew exactly what was in all the shops and what new trends would look good on me. I’m finally a trend setter amongst my friends.

Laura Hooper, Clapham (November 2007)

A one stop shop for a new image, a boost in confidence and a whole new outlook. Thanks again.

Mindy Smith, Sheffield (October 2007)

To be honest with you, I really didn’t know what to expect from my Home Visit package but I was so surprised as to how many outfits the Style Doctor managed to put together. I would probably say that I was wearing about 2 percent of my wardrobe until she came and now I’m wearing a hundred. I can’t believe that I was wearing the same old thing every day when I had the clothes right in front of me. Thanks for opening my eyes.

P.Taylor, Somerset (June 2007)

I couldn’t get over the fact that we managed to get so much clothes in a day. Usually I spend 4 hours finding a top that suits me only to get an ‘it’s fine’ reply when I ask my husband. So needless to say I was astounded that I managed to get a whole new wardrobe in half a day. It’s amazing how the Style Doctor just walks into a shop and scans the room and walks out if she doesn’t see anything. I would have looked through all the rails and tried a few things on rather than seeing that none of my colours were in the shop and walk out. I still haven’t quit got the hang of this but I guess some people are born with it. Thanks so much for a fabulous afternoon and showing for showing me what suits me.

Jenny, Herefordshire (March 2007)

I choose The Style Doctors because I thought they seemed to be the only Image Consultants on offer with some fashion back-ground, and boy am I glad I did. My stylist knew instantly what colours suit me and what shapes I should be going for, I really was amazed. She had so much knowledge of what was in every shop and knew how something would look on me before I tried it on. I don’t know how you do it but it was great. Thanks.

Ame Patel, London (March 2007)

I didn’t want to spend excessive amount of money and was assured that I could go shopping on £200. I was amazed at how much stuff we managed to get for that amount but was also impressed at how much I learnt about what suits me (quite different to what I thought originally suited me I must say).

S.Roberts, Essex (December 2006)

I’ll take you shopping you don’t need a personal shopper’ my friend said. Yes, friends are great but let’s face it they are not qualified experts and know you to well to be able to give you an honest answer. I’m so glad I did this, fabulous!

Suzie, Leeds (October 2006)

You have made getting dressed a lot easier, your ability to put outfits together was impressive.

James, London (June 2006)

The Style Doctors number is now on my speed dial, I love the fact that I can ring up and you can take me to the right stores and find me a great outfit in minimal time. I could easily spend three hours looking for one top.

Julie, Manchester (June 2006)

Your knowledge of fashion and what was in the shops was amazing. I really enjoyed my day and found it fascinating see you work your magic. I guess some people are born with the ability to put outfits together- I am NOT one of them. Thanks x

Lynda, Bucks (March 2006)

I am over the moon with what the Style Doctors managed to do with me. Without going into too much detail I had been in a bit of a fashion rut for a few years after my divorce. I met up with a member of the Style Doctors team and they took me on a personal shopping trip. I can’t believe how different I felt after only an afternoon’s shopping. I got some fantastic tips and ideas and bought some great outfits with lots of accessories. I feel that the afternoon helped me on my way in becoming my own person again. Thanks!”

Jilly, Nottingham (January 2006)

I can’t believe what a few accessories could do to my wardrobe and I think I’ve become a bit of a fashion icon amongst the other mothers in my daughters play-group.”

Susan, London (October 2005)

What a great day! I can’t begin to tell you how nervous I was before the lady arrived at the house. It’s quite a scary prospect letting a stranger in your house to look through your wardrobe but after about ten minutes I was at ease. I was expecting someone that would rip up my clothes and berate me instead I got a professional Image Consultant. Within an hour she had managed to put five outfits together using my own clothes- a major surprise as I’d forgotten about most of the clothes they’d picked out and resigned them to the back of the wardrobe. The afternoon of shopping was equally as great- I felt like such a superstar with a stylist shopping with me. I had such a fantastic day and the tips you gave me were fantastic. People started to comment on how different I looked very soon after the meeting. Well worth the total make-over fee (especially if your husband is paying!)”

Dee, London (October 2005)

Great service. Checked out some of the other Image Consultants’ sites and they looked pretty drab so decided on the Style Doctors. Got some great stuff and was nice to get a female perspective when shopping. I’ll definitely suggest you to my work colleagues.

Tim, Birmingham (June 2005)

Loved my day with the Doctor! Was a little apprehensive as I didn’t think they would be able to do anything with me as I am quite plump. I feel so much better about myself after the day and feel like I don’t need to stick to black and try and blend into the back-ground anymore. I’ve really taken on board the outfits you suggested and refer back to the photos daily to see which outfit I should wear. Everyone loves the new me and I must say that I’m getting chatted up a lot more since I started wearing colour.

Lucy, Reading (March 2005)

Great service if you have little time and need an expert eye. The stylist managed to find me five different party outfits in an afternoon- shoes and accessories included.

Saima, Manchester (February 2005)

I didn’t tell anyone that I was having a Total Make-over with the Style Doctors team as I was quite embarrassed to admit that I needed help. After an inspection my wardrobe was better than I thought and they managed to put together a number of great outfits. They also pointed out to me that I was stuck in a fashion rut and needed to get out of it. This is why the afternoon shopping was so fantastic- it was the release I needed. I tried on things I never thought would suit me and bought 4 pairs of jeans- something I sadly (as El pointed out) didn’t own. I had been in the same job for 23 years and was not only in a fashion rut but a life rut as well. I have since had the confidence to leave my job and pursue a career as a photographer a dream of mine since I was a child. I can’t thank you enough for setting me free and showing me that I could look good in a pair of jeans.

George, Northampton (January 2005)

Wasn’t too sure if I could handle an Image Consultant/Personal Stylist at my house so I decided on a personal shopping trip (less intimidating I thought) instead. The shopping trip was fabulous and a real girly treat so I then booked a home visit. Again, this was really helpful but I wish I’d not been such a coward and booked the full day from the beginning.

Helen, Newcastle (November 2004)

What do you think when your husband gives you a Total Make-Over package as a gift voucher for your birthday? Scream with joy, or cry because your husband thinks you are a frump and has called for outside help? Well’..I’m afraid I was the latter. Reluctantly I arranged for the Image Consultant to come around to my house to look through my so called appalling wardrobe. I must admit I was a little bit more at ease when she explained that my husband thought I needed a treat and that I deserved to be spoilt for putting up with him for so long- ok, the day was getting better. She then asked me to put on what I usually wear and asked what my husband thinks of me in it- not much was my answer! By about 1pm I started to feel that this wasn’t a nasty thing that my husband had done but a very sweet gesture. We then shopped till we dropped and burnt a seriously large hole in my husband’s wallet. I cannot believe the difference one day has made to our marriage and to the way I feel. I have since forgiven my husband and we have since renewed our wedding vows and I’m going to book another shopping trip with the Style doctors when the summer comes. Thanks Style Doctors (and Clive!)

Lynne, Coventry (November 2004)