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My Personal Style – By Style Doctors Client Aaron

Have you been thinking about booking a styling session for yourself or someone you know? Find out from one of our clients about his styling experience with Style Doctors. Our lovely client Aaron recently spent some time with stylist Elin on a one hour style session in search of the perfect blazer.

SD: Why did you book a style session?

A: I wanted help in finding the right blazer for me. I have purchased a couple prior to the session which I ended up either being worn only once or not worn at all. The opportunity to get the styling expertise of Style Doctors came my way and I grabbed it.

SD: Tell us about your personal style

A: I think I would call it eclectic and heterogeneous. When I was younger, I wear a lot of colour and wore clothes that I felt comfortable and feel move around in. I wasn’t conscious whether it was a male or female made piece.  As I got older, I became drawn to the “basic black” look. I still add a touch of colour with my accessories like shoes, scarves, watches or bags.

SD: What were you hoping to achieve?

A: I booked a quick one hour session and I went into the session hoping to find the right blazer for me which Style Doctors achieved.

SD: Did you find the session productive?

A: Elin is undoubtedly an expert. After just a few questions about me and my style, Elin got me a few outfits to try on from 2 different shops. She would explain why she chose these outfits and how I could improve or modify it with whatever existing pieces I have. She has opened my mind to clothes I wouldn’t normally choose and that is now reflective on what I would were on certain occasions.

SD: How did your style session go?

A: The style session was fun, productive, informative and an eye opener. Being my first style session, I was anxious but Elin made me feel so at ease immediately. I felt her honesty and the voice of experience with every discussion we had on the outfits she made me try. She didn’t change my individual style but instead incorporated my style while introducing me to new pieces that would not have been in my wardrobe.

SD: Would you use a stylist again?

A: I would love to use a stylist again when I see myself in a pickle over finding an outfit. I have been singing praises over my experience with Style Doctors and have encouraged my friends to try a style session themselves.

SD: What did you come away with?

A: I got the one perfect blazer during the session and a lot of tips and information on how to style myself (and my body type).

Whether you’re in need of a new wardrobe, want to find your own personal style and develop a great capsule wardrobe, a Style Doctors experience can help you achieve whatever you’re looking for. Book your men’s style experience here.

 by Style Doctors


  1. Andrew - November 15, 2018 8:36 pm

    Such an inspiring collection here and an inspiring person to have captured for this. You’ve made Aaron look smoothly elegant and quite simply a debonair. This has motivated me to try harder with my style. I just love what you’ve done here! Thank you Stule Doctors and thank you to Aaron too!

    • Style Doctors - December 12, 2018 11:33 am

      Thank you for your comment and we are over the moon to hear that it has motivated you to try harder with your own style. Thank you – SD team!


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