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Accessorising and Perfecting Your Hairstyles

Growing up, hair accessories were all the rage. We all had a drawer or basket in our bedroom devoted to headbands, barrettes, hair extensions, bobby pins, and scrunchies. There comes a time in every woman’s life when she feels she has outgrown these extras, which is usually a sad realisation. Lucky for you, Style Doctors has some tips and advice for styling hair, and our very own grown-up guide to hair accessories.

Say it with us: “Accessories can make or break the outfit.” It’s one of our style mottos, and it still very much applies to hair styling. Depending on your hair’s length, texture and colour, you may have to bend these rules to fit you. Luckily, these tips are malleable and versatile, and should work with any hair – from long to pixie cut, relaxed texture to stick straight. So, how do you style your locks for an age-appropriate and chic Do? Let’s find out:

Experiment with products

Do you want to try a new hair colour? A new mousse? Want to get on the dry shampoo wagon? It’s a good idea to experiment will all different kinds of at-home products. By using different products you can learn your scalp and hair better, and understand how it reacts to certain chemicals, oils and sprays. The better you understand your hair, the more effectively you can handle it and transform it. Don’t try a whole new slew of products at once because you won’t be able to correctly judge what’s working and what’s not. Start off with one or two new products (like a heat protectant and a mousse, preferably from the same brand – they’re more likely to be more effective if they’re from the same brand.)

Know when to invest, and when not to

When it comes to things like bobby pins and hair ties, it’s okay to get the 99p pack at your local corner store. However, if there’s a Chanel hair pin that you’re dying to have or a new Hermes scarf you’re dying for, consider the following: how often will you wear it, and how many things in your wardrobe would it compliment? It’s okay (and actually good!) to invest in accessories. Quality over quantity matters when it comes to very unique and stylish pieces. Just consider the price-per-wear before investing.

Don’t try and make it perfect

A strong barrel curl or tight up-do can look constricted and uncomfortable. Your hair should look sexy, fun, and represent your overall personal style. The key to doing this is by trying an overall relaxed look. Try messy textures, loose braids, and asymmetrical hair pins to start. These approaches give you the “I tried, but I didn’t try way too hard” look.


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Remember that the key word here is “styling.” It’s going to take a few trial and errors to get just the style you’re looking for. Once you have the right combination of products, accessories, and deft finger work, it makes all the difference in your complete looks. For more beauty advice and packages, you can reach out to our makeup and beauty artists. We look forward to hearing from you!



by Molly

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