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Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Personal Stylist

Just in the last few years, men and women everywhere have started investing in personal stylists and shoppers. The service used to be considered a novelty – something that only wealthy people could afford. But when it’s put into perspective, it’s an amazing investment. We spend hundreds of pounds every year on[…]

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Statement Style For Men

Do you often walk past stores and think to yourself ‘that looks great’ and continue walking? This is a problem that most of us go through which is often caused by a lack of confidence. At Style Doctors we believe there’s a unique and individual style out there for everyone[…]

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Dapper menswear on a budget

Looking good on a budget is possible! The wide range of shops both online and in store have made it that much easier for anyone shopping within a limit. As stylists we are trained to shop for any budget and always put a big emphasis on styling rather than the cost[…]

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