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Chantelle Paris: Wearing The Right Underwear

“Lingerie is the foundation of any outfit”, says Chantelle Paris’s PR executive during an event at their London showroom.

This week, Style Doctors were invited for a private event at Chantelle Paris’s London showroom where we discovered the key secrets, importance and effect that wearing the right underwear (both size and style) can have on the body.

Established in 1876 in Paris, with over 130 years in the business that has been passed onto it’s 5th generation; Chantelle has developed an exceptional know how of the lingerie industry, hence, offering women an exclusive range of everyday underwear made of soft, feather like fabrics and the styles that are a cross between classic vintage and new age couture.



“Learning the knowledge and importance of wearing the correct fit is essential for every woman to feel confident about herself and can do wonders for the body posture and shape”, says Style Doctor’s stylist Trishla.

Wearing the correct sized bra can:

  1. Help you drop a dress size
  2. Reduce back and shoulder pain
  3. Give confidence to the woman wearing it as it elongates the torso and improves body language

One of the many common mistakes women make is that our size changes constantly and therefore it is essential to get regular checks regarding your bra size. And yes, D cups are an average size so it is needless to be intimidated if you are a D, wear it proudly. Also one very important point is that NOT EVERY BRA SUITS EVERYONE. There are certain bras one must avoid considering their size, shape and also the garment you are wearing it with. For example, never wear a white bra under a white or a black top as it’s colour penetrates through the top and seems visible. Therefore always opt for a nude. YES! It is true, try for yourself!

We were also taught on how to wear a bra the correct way and also the right method to take care of our intimates. Did you know that one should always start wearing their new bra by strapping onto their first hook? Yes, this is because in the initial stages, the bra seems tighter and fitted, however over time due to constant washing, the bra tends to stretch thus loosing fit and therefore should be hooked onto the last row.

Not only were we taught the importance of the right fit, we were also given consultations on our sizes and got a sneak peek at their spring summer 2015 collection.

Whether you like lace, wired or invisible, Chantelle stocks all bras that a woman desires of any shape and sizes. They have a range of beautiful bras that are extremely light weight, ultra soft and that does not leave underwire marks around the under bust and back area.

With a variety of colours and numerous sizes for all, Style Doctors recommends Chantelle Paris for all the women and before you decide to buy any clothing we suggest you get your bra size checked in order to buy the correct size of garments.

With consultations from one of the best lingerie consultants, Chantelle fulfils the need of every woman seeking guidance in the correct sizes of undergarments.

You can view their collection at Selfridges, Harrods, John Lewis, House of Fraser and Figleaves

Book a personal shopper with us and get yourself a free consultation from Chantelle lingerie experts and also grab a 20% off discount while you shop with them.

Featured Image: Chantelle Paris

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  1. Cassie Hargett - February 11, 2015 12:01 pm

    Underwear is the foundation of your attire. So don’t mess it up. Though it can be seen but it’s the most crucial of all, for me. Get fitted regularly if possible. Especially when you experience weight change and pregnancy.


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