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Creating A Stylish Autumn Wardrobe

As the Autumn begins, the weather changes and the shops fill up with winter clothes that means it’s time for a fresh new beginning.

Before a personal shopping trip we always suggest that you look through your wardrobe first to see what you still have from last season. Try to be as ruthless as you can. Your favourite jumper may still feel nice however that hole on the neck means that it’s time to bid a fond farewell to your old winter warmer.

Does your classic winter coat still look smart enough and good enough to last another season or is the lining looking sad and tired?

After you’ve seen what you have it’s easier to understand what you need. Most people would agree that they hold on to clothes for fear of not being able to replace them and ‘make-do’.

‘Nobody should have to make-do. There is nothing more important than the way you feel about yourself. The way you feel about yourself has a knock-on effect on everything from relationships to work. I’m sure everyone has had one of those days where they think ‘don’t look at me’. Clothes that are past their use by date don’t make us feel good about ourselves’ says Style Doctors stylist Elin Mai.

At the start of any shopping trip your expert personal shopper will create a list with you of items they know will totally transform your wardrobe. These items will be clothes than will be multi use and can be worn time and time again.

During your Autumn shopping trip your personal shopper will show you exactly how to get the most out of your new wardrobe.

All of our clients agree that after a personal shopper experience that they shop less often, spend less and utilise more of their wardrobe. This is because our personal shoppers will only let you come away with items that they know will be timeless and multi-use.

After using our personal shoppers many of our clients have never shopped by themselves again after seeing the great benefits of shopping with an expert.

Book a personal shopper session today to find the ultimate Autumn wardrobe.

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