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Have you seen people wearing a denim shirt but haven’t invested in one of these yet? It seems as though the denim shirt is here to stay and men and boys alike are wearing these classic wardrobe pieces.

If you wore a denim shirt the first time around this does not mean that you can’t wear this again.

This classic piece can easily be dressed up or down and can now be worn casually and semi-formally. These shirts are not just reserved for hipsters and the under 20’s either as these classics can be made to look very smart by wearing them with the right pieces.

For our inspiration board we’ve dressed up the denim and teamed up a denim shirt with a tweed style blazer which gives the shirt a smarter. Team-up with some semi-smart chinos for a stylish, timeless look. Don’t forget about the essential accessories (the belt and watch). These key pieces help dress up what is essentially a casual item of clothing.

It’s ok to double denim however we do recommend wearing two denim’s in different shades if you’re going to do this such as a dark indigo pair of jeans teamed up with a lighter wash denim shirt. A chino trouser tends to work very well with denim shirts (especially in tan) as this colour works as a great contrast against the denim colour.

These shirts now also come in shorter sleeves and these can work well with shorts and chinos alike. To avoid looking too much like a Bross reject try tucking in your denim shirt and finish off your trousers with a belt which will help dress up the shirt and finish off the outfit.

The almost sky blue colour of a pale denim works really well on 90% of skin tones and a denim shirt can often be as versatile as a pair of jeans.

When trying on a denim shirt for the first time we recommend trying on the rest of the outfit as this will give you a much better idea of how the shirt will work with an outfit. Even if you’re not planning on buying the blazer, take this in with you to visualise how it will all look together.

These are a few of our favourite shirts.


The Look is available at: Levis | The Watch Shop | Ted Baker | Top Man | Gant | Office | Matalan

Shirts available at: Next | River Island | H&M | H&M | Acne | Ted Baker


  1. Hitesh B - September 19, 2014 11:29 am

    I must say the accessories you have suggested out here make a great combination. You have a great sense of fashion. Thank you for sharing this fabulous bit of information. It will help people like me who lack sense of fashion.

  2. Cory Beevers - September 7, 2015 3:25 pm

    OMG, This is brilliant. I love your type of fashion i wish i knew what to buy when i go out shopping but i have no idea


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