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Dress for Success in the Workplace

We spend the majority of our waking hours at our job, in our office, and around our coworkers. The way in which we present ourselves in these settings is largely telling of what kind of professionals we are. Your clothes and outward appearance influence the level of respect and responsibility you’re given at work, so it’s important to always dress for success.

What is dressing for success?

It’s dressing appropriately for your age and shape, wearing fitted (but not tight) clothes, and staying trendy. The first two points may be givens, but many people don’t think that staying on trend is important in the work place. By replacing your old suits with new blazers, your old button downs with new and interesting blouses, changing up your hem lines, and accessorising accordingly, you can really elevate your day to day outfits. “Frumpy” and “matronly” are never words you want to be associated with, and staying on trend helps avoid being boxed into these categories.


Budgeting for the perfect work wardrobe

Workwear can be expensive, especially if you’re investing in nice pieces like suits, leather shoes and bags, and nice jewelry. The key to budgeting for a new work wardrobe is utilising what’s already in your wardrobe, and then investing in new pieces you know you’ll wear over and over. Think of the jackets, tops, skirts, and trousers in your closet that may be a tad wrinkled, too large or too small. Getting these pieces tailored, lined with new fabric, dry cleaned, or hemmed are all ways of updating without dropping loads of money.

As far as investing in new pieces goes, think of the wardrobe staples that you’ll be wearing to work and other places as well. Neutral tops, tailored trousers, heels, and tote bags are all great examples of merchandise you can invest in to wear over and over. These are the things that will last a long time, and in this case, quality speaks volumes over quantity.

Don’t be afraid to try something new

This doesn’t necessarily mean wear leather joggers to the office on Monday – it means try a new colour or a new cut. If you don’t usually wear statement necklaces, try one out. If you’re more of a straight-leg trouser type, go for a suit with a cigarette trouser instead. If you see a co-worker wearing something that is new or intriguing, think about how you can be inspired by that look and make it your own.

These are the details that your coworkers and boss will notice. Not only do these types of wardrobe updates boost your mood, but they’ll also show that you take chances, take initiative, and look for new solutions – all of which are very attractive attributes in a professional setting.


Oasis cami | Kurt Geiger heels | Topshop necklace | Karen Millen printed top | Diane Von Furstenburg blue top | Reiss bag | S Max Mara culottes | Topshop skirt | Maybelline lipstick

How will you update your wardrobe this season? By dressing for success in the workplace, you’ll have more confidence in the office and an overall improved attitude. Our stylists are all about helping our clients look and feel their best, and workwear is no exception. If you have any comments or questions, or would like to look at our packages, you can reach out to our friendly styling team for advice and assistance.

Style Doctors also offers a Dress for Success workshop for businesses and organisations wishing to invest in their staff.. View our corporate style services here.



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