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Are you dressed for success? Do you feel great in what you’re wearing today? Does your outfit reflect your personality? Is your outfit suitable for your level within the workplace? In our Dress For Success workshops these are all the questions we help you answer.

As one of the longest running personal styling companies in the UK Style Doctors have helped thousands of men and women dress for success through helping them find wardrobes that reflect them and their personalities. We have helped men and women who were not moving up the career ladder get promotions sue to their new found confidence in their personal style.

Whatever your profession we are are all judged within a few seconds of meeting someone. Whether you’re meeting someone for the first time at your place of work or you’re going for an interview you you need to ask yourself the question ‘am I dressed for success?’

When we meet people they immediately take note of what we are wearing and if that outfit is ill-fitting, dirty (it happens!), it’s seem better days (holes, marks) whoever you’re meeting will be distracted by your outfit rather than what you have to say. The goal is to have an outfit that’s professional, neat and tidy and that suits you perfectly.


Style Doctors stylist Elin Mai and colour expert Tanja Mrnjaus at one of our Dress For Success workshops

These are just some of the topics we discuss in our Dress For Success workshops. If you are interested in finding out more about our style workshops, get in touch.

The workshops are fun, informative and educational and can take place across the UK. The days are perfect for small and large businesses.

A big thank you to Oasis and Marks and Spencer who supplied the clothes for the workshops.

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