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Dressing For Your Body Shape

Choosing clothes and dressing for your body shape can sometimes be difficult but as long as you’re comfortable in what you are wearing, your shape and size doesn’t matter. It’s not about what is and isn’t in fashion, but it’s what suits you and what you feel most confident in that really matters. There are many items of clothing that suit all body types too, which are must-haves in everyone’s wardrobe.

I’m beginning to change my summer wardrobe for my winter wardrobe, and I’m finding all my classic clothes I love to wear when it’s cold outside. My favourite jumper, comfy beanie and my long boots are the items I love to wear when the sun decides to disappear. I find that during the colder seasons, women dress more for comfort and I feel that this should be the mindset all year round – as long as you’re comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing, you’re going to look fabulous whatever the season.

Body confidence is an issue that is something every woman feels at some point, and we don’t realise until we are older what the perfect clothes for our shapes are. Most of us focus on hiding a certain feature, and forget to accentuate the good ones.


Main Image: Annabel RosendahlWatch | Cardigan | Jumper | Converse | T-Shirt | Blue Jeans | Shirt | Bag | Hat | Scarf | Jumper | Boots | Black Jeans

If you have more of an hourglass shape show off your curves by accentuating your waist, perhaps with a belted jacket. If you are slimmer on the lower half of your body and carry weight in your mid-section, highlight your shoulders and legs with a shift dress. If you feel like your hips are the widest part of your body, maybe try a structured jacket or a-line skirt which will help accentuate your top half.

As Hubert de Givenchy once said; “The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress.”

If you would like some tips and some guidance on how to dress for your body shape, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly style team who are more than happy to help!

Abbie x

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