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Dressing For Your Body Shape

Are you dressing for your body shape? Can you tell the difference between a pear and an hour glass? Have you tried to guess but don’t think you’ve got it quite right?

One of the first things our personal stylists will do when they meet you is tell you what body shape you are and once you know this, finding clothes that are just right for you becomes much easier.

Unfortunately with the increasing number of people shopping online less people are understanding how to dress for their body shape. It’s great to look online for inspiration but nothing beats trying on clothes. Fashion bloggers dominate the online world with multiple pictures of themselves in fabulous outfits but you must see clothes on your own body to know if an item is right for you. No one body is exactly the same and our experienced personal stylists will know immediately which shops are best for your body shape.

Do you often look online, in magazines and catalogues looking at clothes and either order online or go into a shop and try on that item you’ve seen in a magazine? Do they often end up looking not quite how you imagined? Do you get disheartened and leave immediately? Our stylists can create your desired look by using the right shops for your shape.

We all have good bits and no so good bits (as we like to call them, never bad!) The trick is to highlight the best parts and disguise the other parts. Do you have a great waist? Belts and hight waisted shapes could look great on you. Great legs? Show them off! What you might think of as a problem area, your stylist will be able to show you tricks to disguise any areas you’re not comfortable showing and will enhance your best features.

All our expert team of stylists instinctively know which shops are best for certain shapes. Once you know this as well, you’ll find that shopping trips become much more successful.

Dress for your shape today and feel confident in the skin you’re in! View our products here.

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