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Dressing for your new shape after a baby

We understand that after pregnancy when your shape often changes, you may not be back to your previous size, your wardrobe no longer ‘feels right’ anymore. At Style Doctors we are all about dressing for the here and now and whatever shape you are now we encourage you to embrace it and dress with confidence.

Try not to compare yourself to what you used to look like, this will only cause you to be dissatisfied. If you feel comfortable and happy with your shape and outfit, it will show. Don’t forget that if your shape changes those jeans you had when you were 22 might not even be in style anymore let alone fit. Your wardrobe doesn’t need to change much but it’s important not try and squeeze into your old clothes as it will just make you feel uncomfortable and also it just does not look good. So no holding onto the past and take the change as being something new and exciting (after all shopping is fun). The same applies if you’ve lost weight after having a baby or if your whole body shape has change, which it often can.

Back to work

When getting used to your new shape it can be difficult to know what to wear for that first day back at work. Don’t worry, we will now share with you some style advice that will leave you wondering why you were ever worried about what you were going to wear. Going back to work is never the most exciting thought after time away but if you have a stylish new wardrobe you’ll be delighted to get back to the office to show everyone your new look.


Shop the look: Floral blouse | Blazer | Cigarette trousers | White blouse | Lipstick | Belt | Nail varnish | Burgundy bag | Watch | Pointed ballet flats

When making your new investments a classic jacket is one of your main pieces, be wise in you colour choice as this needs to compliment your various work looks. Whether you’re a pencil skirt or cigarette trouser kind of girl, there will be plenty of different styles to flatter you new figure. Lots of women make the mistake of wearing baggy clothing thinking this will hide any parts of their body they dislike, when actually you should be shaping and defining your figure (this can be done really well by adding a belt). Having a selection of blouses will switch up your look, from a crisp white shirt to muted coloured prints – you will look professional as well as stylish. To finish off all you’re missing is that comfy and chic pair of shoes and a timeless handbag to carry all your essentials.

Most of all it’s all about the fit. Once you have a wardrobe full of clothes that fit and flatter, you’re ready for anything.

If you’re struggling to dress for your new shape and would like to know what would work best to flatter your figure and boost your confidence, book a session with one of our expert stylists. Whether you’re looking for a new work wardrobe or even outfits for everyday wear, we have various style packages to suit any of your needs.

Sheridan x

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