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Dressing In A Positive Way

Over the last thirteen years we’ve styled women, men and teenagers of all different shapes and sizes. One thing remains constant with 99% of our clients. People tend to try and hide the “negatives,” rather than show off the parts of themselves that they love.

What do we mean?

If we asked you what you don’t like about your body, most people could list at least four or five things they dislike. Ask someone what they do like, and they’ll maybe admit to liking one thing. This unfortunate lens that we tend to look through when it comes to self image translates into our everyday lives. And where does it translate to first? Our wardrobe and beauty choices.

When you’re out shopping and think ‘I want to hide my stomach’ rather than ‘I have great legs,’ you’ll be searching for items that cover you, rather than highlight your best parts. This is called “negative dressing.” As stylists, our job is to assure that you don’t succumb to this habit and help you wear your clothes confidently.

Positive Dressing: Waist Enhancing Dress | Leg Showcasing Jacket | Perfect Pins Boots | The Tall Girl Coat | Great Arms Top | Perfect Pout | The Every Shape Bag | Great Legs Flats 

Dressing in a positive way…

“Dressing Positively” can be difficult to comprehend, especially if you’ve never had a styling experience where your personal shopper helps you understand your body. Starting this positive transformation starts by changing your mentality. And a Style Doctor can help you get there.

We recommend looking in the mirror and compliment yourself. You need to say out loud ‘I like my part of body‘. If you’re struggling, start with one and work from there. Next, you need to think about your wardrobe and ask yourself if you are making the most of your favourite body part through your clothes. No? It’s time for a positive change! Stylist Caryn Franklin recommends giving more compliments in her interview here (which we agree with wholeheartedly.)

“It can be very difficult to compliment ourselves and that’s where spending time with a professional stylist helps. Personal stylists are so much more than shopping companions, they are also coaches that can help you on a whole new journey of self discovery” says founder of Style Doctors Elin Mai.

The psychology of style is something we are very passionate about at Style Doctors as we believe that our overall appearance can have a huge impact on the way we live our lives.

Book a consultation today and find out more about dressing in a positive way.

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