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About Style Doctors Style Consultancy

Even though Style Doctors may be predominately known for offering personal styling services. It also offers a wide range of style related services from corporate re-branding to style events to creating style guides for companies.

Style Doctors has a strong team of global stylists with a vast array of skills and experience who are able to come together to contribute to the success of Style Doctors. Our stylists are often busy planning, preparing for, and implementing one-to-one styling sessions, bespoke events, corporate styling workshops, as well as media communications through our website, blog, and social media.

Our clients and friends in the fashion community often see us out and about or working on various projects but may not fully understand the complete approach that Style Doctors takes when it comes to styling. We wanted to share a little more about each unique aspect of Style Doctors.

Three of our stylists with three makeover competition winners

One To One Styling

One to one sessions are a huge part of what we do everyday at Style Doctors and since 2004, the company has helped change the wardrobes and lives of over 12,000 people in the UK, USA and the UAE.

We are not all born with the natural ability to put together stylish outfits that make us feel good. Enter Style Doctors. Just like hiring any expert for a job, a personal stylist will help you save time, money and will leave you looking and feeling great.

The way you feel about yourself has a profound impact on your work, your relationships and how you are ultimately seen by the world. Styling sessions are designed to help you find a style that reflects you as a person.

Personal styling sessions are designed to be a fun, upbeat, and stress-free experience where you will leave feeling confident in your own personal style. Just as you would go to a hair stylist to style your hair or a nail salon to have your nails done, a fashion stylist will help you keep your wardrobe clean and curated.

Style Events

Whether is a Style Doctors hosted event or an in-store event, the main goal is to help bridge the gap between shoppers and retailers. As stylists, we are perfectly placed to help create fun and stylish events that help a large group of people how to style in minimum time.

As well as hosting our own styling events, we have worked with Hugo Boss in New York, Stuart Weitzman in London, Oasis and many more to host fun style events.

Stylist Aricia at one of our styling events in Miami


Style Doctors works with all types of businesses, whether it be investment banks or automobile brands, to re-brand their style of dress and keep their clothing inline with all other desired goals of the business.

From team-building style workshops to complete brand re-branding, Style Doctors has successfully helped companies reach their desired goals with our styling and re-branding services.

Corporate re-styling for Lexus

Social Media

In a world dominated by smartphones and with people having less and less time, our social media pages are designed to help offer free advice to our followers and give an insight into what we do at Style Doctors globally. Whether someone is a regular customer or thinking of booking a session, our social media content is designed to help anyone from all walks of life. As our stylists are always out shopping, we aim to create inspiring up-to-the-minute content.


Style Doctors began in the United Kingdom in 2004 and has grown into a global team of personal stylists with offices in Dubai, Miami, and New York City. Wherever our stylists may be located, they each deliver the same level of service that is synonymous with our company.

UAE Stylists – Dubai

USA Stylists – Miami

Style Guides/ Workshops

In a fast paced world with changing expectations of dress in the workplace, stylists are needed now more than ever. More and more businesses are switching from traditional business professional dress to smart casual wear, leaving their employees feeling a bit confused and resulting in an array of styles.

Style Doctors creates bespoke style guides for companies looking for a clear and concise guide to help new and existing staff dress correctly for the workplace.

Whether you’re looking to re-brand your company’s corporate style, host a fun and informative styling event for your colleagues, or upgrade your day to day appearance, Style Doctors are here to help.

by Ellen

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