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Brand Styling For Lexus Ambassadors

Style Doctors was recently approached by Lexus to re-style their Ambassadors for their calendar of events across the UK. Lexus is passionate about their luxury vehicles and we are just as passionate about dressing our clients to make them feel and look their best!

At Lexus, we believe that Luxury is no longer just about the object itself: it is also about unforgettable experiences that are difficult to duplicate. Luxury is no longer about being part of the elite: it is about expressing your unique personality.

Lexus adopts the Japanese approach to hospitality, “Omotenashi” which involves the subjugation of self in service to a guest, without being “servile”. Anticipating needs is at the heart of the concept; and it is certainly fair to say that in Japan, acting on others’ needs without being asked to do so is at the height of savvy. Other high street brands such as Uniqlo also use this method when training their sales staff.

With this approach to customer service, hospitality and attention to detail in mind, Style Doctors styled the twenty plus strong team of Lexus brand ambassadors.

Style Doctors’ approach was to take a different view on the concept of ‘uniform style’ by curating a selection of modern and chic outfits which ambassadors could mix & match and allowed them to express their own personality. Our stylists carefully took into account colour palettes, whilst simultaneously balancing trends to style outfits that would stand the test of time. The new uniform direction breaks the barrier between customers and sales-person by showcasing looks which are both aspiring and relatable for Lexus clients.

‘We chose orange as a highlight colour as this colour represents strength, energy and attracts attention. The fabrics and cuts showcase a distinct attention to detail and project an approachable yet confident image to ensure Lexus ambassadors stay relevant to their customers.’

The uniform styles reflect the innovative brand directions of the company and strengthens Lexus position as an forward-thinking leader in the car world.

With our connections within the retail world, we were able to work closely with fashion brands such as Hugo Boss, Russell & Bromley and Karen Millen to select the clothes for the Lexus ambassadors. Style Doctors sourced some unique and rare pieces exclusively for Lexus. To ensure that the outfits embody the spirit of the modern city life we successfully mix & matched the Hugo Boss premium collection with selected items from high-street brand such as H&M and Zara.

Watch our behind the scenes video shoot of some of the Lexus brand ambassadors showcasing their new outfits at Westfield London.

by Style Doctors

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