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Competition to WIN an Ambassador Unisex Watch

Accessories should never be an afterthought. From the bag, to the shoe, to the jewellery each accessory has a special role to play, in any look. Fashion Designer Yves Saint Laurent says “Accessories are what, in my opinion, pull the whole look together and make it unique.” We couldn’t agree more. Before you leave the house, whether it’s on your way to work, a rendezvous with friends, or a night out, always remember to try out different accessories so your outfit can reach its full potential!

Ambassador Luxury watches are Swiss quality with original Japanese movement so to ensure impeccable timekeeping. This minimalist and modern design is sure to impress and withstand the test of time. Interchangeable strap systems allow you to change the wristwatch style within seconds to achieve the perfect look for any occasion. We have compiled a list of some of our favourite accessories to complement Ambassador watches and if you keep reading there’s an amazing opportunity to win a must have accessory to add to your wardrobe!

Blue Blouse | Black Trousers | Loafers | Scarf | Sunglasses | Belt | Watch

Classic Timepiece

The finishing touch is a dependable, versatile, and classic watch that can be worn for any and all occasions. Why is a watch a must have, you might ask as we live in the digital age? A watch is timeless and will always add that sense of professionalism and perfection rather than sporting a bare wrist.

A Statement Scarf

In the cold of winter, or a lovely summer day a neck scarf is key. Keeping warm or going for a sassy style is the perfect job for a neck scarf. Digging through your mother’s vintage scarves can be great, but who doesn’t love shopping the latest trends for a fun new accessory? We have found some great examples for both the edgy and more classic scarf wearers, from bandannas to silk ascots.

Everyday Eyewear

Not only are sunglasses protective, but can be the perfect outlet to show your personality. A fun cat-eye, vintage aviators, or Kurt Cobain white oval shades are a few examples of go-to sunnies! Explore different shapes to find the perfect fit for your face shape and style!

Now for what you all have been waiting for… The Competition!!

How to Enter:

We have teamed-up with Ambassador to give away three fantastic prizes. 

There will be 3 winners:

  1. First prize winner will be given the opportunity to choose 2 watches from Ambassador Watches’ collection
  2. Second prize winner will receive the Heritage 1863 Mesh timepiece
  3. Third prize winner receives the Heritage 1921 brown strap

All applicants will receive a $40 discount off any watch!

Click HERE to enter to win! Competition is open to UK, USA and UAE residents. 

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram here to double your chances of winning! @styledoctors

Best of Luck!

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