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Dressing For A Summer Wedding

Just like how a couple is meticulous with their wedding; it’s up to the guests to prepare thoroughly for the event as well. Depending on the location and the couples’ taste, dress codes can come with a lot of rules to adhere to.

Prior to choosing your look take into account, the invitation, the venue and the climate as these factors will all play a part in selecting the perfect outfit.

In truth, there are several fashion faux pas a guest can easily commit when attending a wedding and this makes choosing an outfit a pretty daunting task. If you need inspiration on what to wear for a summer wedding, here are some styles to consider.

Maxi Dress

To be safe, consider wearing a long dress or gown. Think about a neutral colour like this pastel yellow rather than a full print which can look too busy. This summer’s pastel colour palette is both on trend and can be worn by lots of different skin tones. Not sure which pastels suits you? Read our previous post on how to wear pastels here.

Maxi Dress | Heels | Necklace | Ring | Clutch Bag | Bracelet | Pointed Flats 

Pointed Flats

There are some summer weddings that go for a totally laid back aesthetic, and you can use that to your advantage. If you don’t have a great pair of heels that match your outfit, stylish flats can replace them and achieve the same result. Unless stated in the invitation to wear heels, it’s not a fashion crime to rock flats to a wedding, just make sure they’re smart enough to compliment your look.

Clutch Bag

The old saying that your shoes and bag have to match is not set in stone. A clutch is the secret to finishing off a good wedding look. If you find yourself wearing a lot of solid colours, feel free to carry a clutch that can add some pizzazz to your overall outfit. You can bring a dark bag with studs that can serve as your statement piece or a neutral bag is a timeless item that can be worn on multiple occasions. Remember to only bring essentials to a wedding, as formal events tend to discourage the use of bigger bags. That means no totes!

After deciding on your outfit, don’t forget to pay equal attention to your hair as this can make or break the overall appearance of your outfit. Whatever your hairstyle, be sure to spend ample time to ensure your hair looks polished and is well suited for your outfit.

If you’re looking for what guys can wear, don’t fret, Style Doctors also has great fashion tips for men that may be applied to weddings, too!

by Cole Harris

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