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Home Wardrobe Styling

Standing in front of a full wardrobe, but still feel like you have nothing to wear? Sound familiar? Maybe you feel that you have some great outfits lurking in your wardrobe, but end up wearing the same thing or variations of the same thing daily? A Home Wardrobe styling session might be just what you need!

No matter how big or small your wardrobe, the most important thing is how you manage to mix & match items and accessories your have. You don’t necessarily have to be a shopaholic to look chic and stylish, you just need to learn how to use the items you have to create standout looks that make you feel good.

Style assistant Anara styles her striped shirt for a stylish look

Tips to follow:

  1. Try to be as creative as possible, don’t be afraid to mix colours. Separate you clothing into black, white and other colours.
  2. Pay attention to basic items you have in your wardrobe. Select your favourite ones. It can be a black turtleneck, amazing blazer, pencil skirt or white blouse.
  3. Separate your clothing into solids and patterns.
  4. Always use accessories. These are the last finishing touches that elevate outfits.

Separating items in your wardrobe will give you an idea of what’s missing. If you see a lot of pattern, perhaps you could do with more solid colours to help tie outfits together. Lots of plain items? It may be good to inject some texture and pattern. Or maybe you see a sea of black and you’re lacking something bright and vibrant.

Anara in her boot-cut red trousers and the different ways she’ll wear these again

Great outfits don’t come from constant shopping, they come with a smart approach, good buying decisions and the ability to match existing items in your wardrobe.

We, as Style Doctors, are always here to help you, because editing a wardrobe it is a lot of work, but afterwards every client feels refreshed, organized and excited to explore their new style. Bear in mind that our style is always about ourselves, like a business card, so we should really care about it!

We’ve styled over 10,000 wardrobes since 2004 and having a stylist help you create looks will save you time and money. Most of all, you’ll have a wardrobe that you wear 100% of what’s in it. Investing in a creative stylist will help you look different every single day and people will think that you have a whole new wardrobe.

Anara styles an all white outfit and creates other looks using white jeans

Revise your wardrobe, change your mood…

You may not think that you have lots of clothes,, but you’ll be surprised how many outfits your Style Doctor will put together using what you have. Their expert eye will be able to show you how to make the most of each of your pieces, creating looks that are perfect for you and your lifestyle.

Minimum items, maximum outfits!

To give you an understanding of how Style Doctors’ Wardrobe revision is works our UAE style assistant Anara created different looks using her own wardrobe.

It’s important to use all your wardrobe and mix it with accessories, take photos and try them on to see how the outfits look.

Wardrobe revision can help you to save money, assuring you won’t buy another useless item for your wardrobe. Importantly, it will give you a clear picture of what you are missing to complete the look and make every cloth you have wearable.

If you have a wardrobe that’s bursting with clothes but still say “I have nothing to wear”, book a Home Wardrobe style session today here.

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