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How To Style Patterns – Styling Tips

Season after season we see fashionistas, bloggers and mere mortals successfully mixing prints and looking like they’ve just stepped out of Vogue but why is this trend still ‘on trend’ and why do so many people struggle to understand the art of mixing prints (and get it right)?

We’ve compiled our tips and tricks to regarding color, silhouette, and shape knowledge to master the art of pattern pairing. From mixing bold primary colors and large prints to mixing smaller tonal prints, this is a style that is much is easier to achieve than you think!

Pattern + Polka dots

This light blue satin shirt featuring a Versace-inspired chain print is a perfect piece if you want to achieve a smart chic look. Our stylists suggest pairing it with another classic pattern like polka dots. The polka dots provide a nice touch of femininity to the look. The midi pleated skirt is a fun and bold way to incorporate polka dots that harmonise the two mixed patterns.

“Polka-dots (like stripes) are a great print to have in your wardrobe as they act as the ‘simple’ or ‘safe’ part of the outfit making them the perfect base to work with”


To complete the look, add a neutral shoe in white or beige with a nude lip. Both patterns feature so much color that you’ll need to minimize colour in other aspects of the look including shoes, accessories, and make-up.

Accessory Tip: Hoop earrings are a great essential when it comes to jewelry. The traditional gold hoop has evolved into thinner and more delicate accessory this season; a piece that defines elegance and simplicity.

Blouse | Bracelet | Lip Kit | Watch | Mules | Skirt | Bag | Earrings

Tonal Print Mixing

It can seem quite overwhelming to choose and combine two patterns in bold colors. Style Doctors are here to show you how to go all out with color and print choices, and how to do it confidently!

To take the worry out of pattern mixing, start with choosing two patterns with the same tonality. No matter how complicated each piece looks, the patterns will come together naturally if each pattern features the same color hues.

“We mixed a bolder geometric print with a floral print to ensure the outfit looks balanced and not overly busy”

Blouse | Skirt | Earrings | Bag | Mules | Sunglasses | Necklace | Bracelet | Lipstick

Stylist Tip:

Pick two items that have the same color tone and feature at least one of the same hues. For the tonal look, we chose items that both featured a bold red. Our stylist added a red bag to highlight the red in both the top and skirt.

Gingham pattern

Gingham is a well-known classic and timeless pattern that most of us have (or have had) in our wardrobes.

“Gingham is a pattern that never goes out of style and is worth investing in. It’s a great base when it come to mixing prints”

It is easy to style in a classic way with a solid blouse, however we chose to mix things up a bit and styled with a bright yellow printed blouse. This of this outfit as the beginners guide to mixing prints!

Gingham Trousers | Sneakers

Stylist Tip:

When mixing various patterns, play around with the scale of the patterns and choose various sizes. For this black, white, and yellow look we chose trousers with a very small scale and a blouse with a much larger scale. This creates more contrast between the two patterns and helps makes the mismatched-match style look complete.

“Being able to mix of prints is a sign of confidence and individuality but also helps you get even more outfits out of the clothes you own!”

If you would like to try mixing your own style but are not quite sure where to begin, our stylists would love to help you create the perfect mix and match wardrobe.

by Clara, Olivia & Ellen

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