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Meet The Styling Team – Emmy

We have a fantastic team of personal stylists here at Style Doctors from interns to style assistants to personal stylists. Each one of our styling team have a passion for people and styling.

At Style Doctors, we pride ourselves on having the ultimate team of experts that can work with anyone and everyone. Style Doctors has a diverse and world-class styling team who work with individuals and groups to help develop a sense of personal style.

Find out a little bit more about our friendly team in our Meet The Styling Team feature. This post is dedicated to our Dubai team members, Emmy.

Meet Emmy //

Emmy is one of our styling assistants in Dubai and in her spare time, she’s also a very successful fashion blogger. She strongly believes that personal style is something that’s worth investing in whatever your age.

I think developing a unique personal style is incredibly important. It’s a way of communication, reflects your personality and how you give a first impression. The more unique your style is the more unique people think your character is.

A stylist is incredibility experienced when it comes to shopping, and is able to direct the client to the best shops for their needs, lifestyle, and budget. A stylists’ goal is to help you look and feel your best.

I think people should book a stylist because style is not something that comes naturally to everyone, nor do they know know how to manage and maximise their budget. A shopping experience accompanied by a personal stylist will teach you incredibly useful style tips for dressing yourself. 

Your Personal Style //

My style varies, as I have different styles that fit my mood or the occasion I’m dressing for. I love my style to be unique! Sometimes I make an outfit around one single item that I  want to wear on that day. That item can be a necklace or even a pair of shoes.

What shopping areas in Dubai are your favourites?

Dubai Mall is one of my favourite shopping areas in Dubai and Mall of The Emirates is great too! The malls have a vast variety of brands that can cater towards any budget. Dubai Mall also has fantastic restaurants and coffee shops that are perfect for taking breaks in the middle of long shopping trips.

Whether you want us to come to your home and put together stand-out outfits using the clothes you already have or if you’re looking for a whole new wardrobe, you can book a session with one of our UAE personal stylists here. Meet some of our other Style Doctors stylists in the UAE here.

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