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Meet The Stylist – Anisha

We have a fantastic team of personal stylists at Style Doctors who are trained to work with clients of all ages, shapes, and lifestyles. Each member of our global styling team has a diverse client base and ensures that every client leaves their styling session looking good and feeling great.

Learn more about our friendly team of Style Doctors Dubai stylists in our Meet the Personal Stylist Feature. This post features Anisha, one of our expert stylists in the UAE.

Meet the Personal Stylist // Anisha

Tell us a little bit about your personal style influences.

Growing up in Dubai, I was exposed to so much culture from around the world. I grew up in such an international environment that allowed me to appreciate fabrics, prints, embroideries, etc. from all around the world. It made me see how much fun you can have with different clothing and styles, and how interesting it is to create looks that are fashionable and completely unique. This developed my desire to always stand out and look more fashionable and well put together, even if I was dressing down.

I have to add that my parents have always been very well put together. My father was in the Merchant navy, and my parents sailed together around the world as a young couple. I grew up fascinated by their photos from the early 80’s, especially by how my mother dressed. This had a huge impact on my sense of style.

How did you begin working as a stylist?

Throughout my time at university and time spent creating my start-up, I was on a very limited budget. I never had a disposable income for clothes, shoes, etc. Of course, I had to be presentable and well dressed, especially as a professional with my own start-up business. I learned to shop really smart and also started styling what I had in new ways to constantly create new looks. My friends started taking my advice when it came to shopping, and eventually I decided to enroll in a stylist course at the London College of Fashion. I wanted to really fine-tune my own capabilities as a stylist and learn more about how to deal with clients with various body shapes, skin tones and colors. I wanted to understand the “science” behind styling.

“Now I enjoy working with a spectrum of clients – with different comfort zones, different requirements, and different needs.”

Describe your signature style.

I love to keep changing my style up from time to time. You probably won’t ever see me in something too floral and feminine. I like a touch of edge and a tiny, tiny bit of sexy with what I wear.

What’s your fashion go-to?

There are a few things that are my weaknesses when it comes to fashion. At the top of my list is everything 80’s; the embellished jackets, acid wash denims, big shoulders, high waisted trousers, and jewelry of course! I like channeling the styles inspired by my mother and love exploring vintage stores when I travel.

Can you share a key tip to being stylish?

One of the most important things in this day and age is to forget the trends. With the change in consumerism and the way high street stores follow the same set of trends laid out by the runways, the trend cycle is much shorter. My tip is to invest your money, whatever your budget may be, in pieces that are timeless. This doesn’t have to be simple or basic- it can be pieces that are extremely unique, but not a temporary trend or fad. If you do want to go for anything that’s on trend, go for it of course, but don’t spend a lot of money on it.

“A key tip to being stylish isn’t ‘Always be on trend.’ Simply wear things that suit you and that you’re comfortable and confident in. Wear the outfit, don’t let the outfit wear you.”

Stylists wear Ted Baker

Why is it important for individuals to use a personal stylist?

No matter who the client is and what their requirements are- a personal stylist will help you recognize your personal style and what looks best on you. A personal stylist will help you save money and only shop for what you know you will wear. You will get much more use out of your whole wardrobe. Statistically, most women use only 20% of their wardrobe. A stylist will change that around, and show you how to use what you have, and make sure you’re not buying things you don’t need.

“It really is a liberating feeling to clean up your wardrobe and learn to wear fewer pieces in more ways. Your personal stylist will help you learn so much about your own style and what suits you best, so that you will be confident in your everyday style.”

To book your very own styling session with Anisha or one of our other UAE stylists, see all of our Style Doctors Dubai services here.

by Ellen & Clara

Photos by: Daniela Brazon

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