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Meet The Stylist – Sarah

We have a fantastic team of personal stylists at Style Doctors who work with our clients of all ages, shapes and lifestyles. Each member of our global styling team has a diverse client base and each stylist does their best to ensure that every client leaves their styling session feeling empowered, stylish, and ready to take on the world with their newfound style.

Find out a little bit more about our friendly team of Dubai stylists in our Meet the Stylist feature. This post is dedicated to Sarah, one of our Style Doctors stylists.

Meet the Personal Stylist // Sarah

Sarah was born in Iraq and raised in Czech Republic, and those two completely different countries had a huge impact on her life and personal style. From a young age she recalls that she was driven more into street wear thanks to the skate community that she grew up with. However, she explains that her Middle Eastern heritage became more visible in her accessories. Sarah graduated Art college that kept her passion for fashion on track as she remembers having countless college projects that were influenced by the fashion industry.

“My key styling tip is to find your own personality and style. Don’t try to copy others, such as celebrities and try go against the trends. Once you understand your style and what suits you, (we can help with that!) it’s a fun game.”

With fellow UAE stylist Zainab

How did you begin your career as a stylist?

My Fashion career began in Retail, specifically in H&M which I adored, from sales assisting to visual merchandising and coordinating with suppliers. It helped me build an understanding for each customer and their needs and understand the fashion industry more in general. I successfully attended two Styling courses (Prague and Oxford) to deepen my knowledge of styling. Since then I have helped countless clients achieve their own personal style.

In 2014, I moved to Dubai, the city of luxury fashion. I was working on several photo-shoot projects and simultaneously giving one-to-one personal styling advice for luxury e-commerce leader, The Modist. My position at The Modist helped me express my style and find a different approach towards styling. Since then I’ve been working in fashion styling with private clientele, photo-shoots, and live TV programs.

Describe your signature style.

My style is in constant progress; I do not have one style that I would wear my whole life. In 10 years, I may wear something that I wouldn’t even think about now. I really do like boho chic nowadays, but I am also very into street-wear. I like edgy style that can be very minimalistic but paired with bold accessories that gives the outfit a spark. You can find a lot of black garments in my closet.

Why is it important for individuals to have a personal stylist?

It’s very convenient and helpful to use styling services. As professionals in the industry, we have the knowledge of body shapes and color coordination to help each client in various ways. In the same way that a hairstylist styles your hair and selects the best shape, color and length for your hair, we are here to help.

“We will recommend styles and shapes to express your personality. Our job is to help you understand what suits you best and makes you feel great.”

To book your very own styling session with Sarah or one of our UAE stylists, see all of our Style Doctors Dubai services here.

by Ellen & Clara

Photos by: Daniela Brazon

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