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Personal Stylist Dubai – The Style Doctors Experience

Since we opened our doors back in 2004, our stylists have styled over ten thousand men, women and teenagers across the UK, USA and the UAE. At Style Doctors, we pride ourselves on having a talented and dynamic team of stylists who can work with anyone of any age from all walks of life.

From wardrobe edits to total makeovers, we have a style solution for everyone and no task is ever too big or too small.

The following video shows what happens during a personal styling session in Dubai – from consultation, to shopping and coming away with a whole new wardrobe.

Not only is a styling experience informative and productive but our stylists make it fun too!

Styling Experience

Before any style experience, your expert stylist will have looked into your brief and will have a good understanding of you and your style even before you meet. During the style consultation, your stylist will talk through the session and will share their tips on dressing for your shape. They will also help you gain a better understanding of what you need to create a wardrobe that works for you.

You will then be taken on a shopping trip with your stylist to stores that they have chosen for you based on your requirements and budget. As we do not have an affiliation to any particular store, we are free to take you to just the right stores for you.

Whether it’s luxury fashion or high street style, our stylists have a wealth of knowledge across brands, boutiques and designers in Dubai. Whether it’s a short styling session after work at Mall of the Emirates or a full day at The Dubai Mall or boutique hopping, Style Doctors can help.

Shopping with a stylist is a learning experience as much as it is about coming away with a new wardrobe. You’ll learn how to dress for your body-shape, learn how to mix and match and learn how to accessorise.

Personal Styling Dubai Video

Around 40% of clothes that are bought online are returned, however around 99-100% of clothes bought with a stylist are kept. These stats further add fuel to how cost and time effective it is to hire a personal stylist. Another bonus shopping with a stylist is that a 100% of what you buy can be mixed and matched which means you ultimately shop smartly.

If you’re often buying one item at a time or often buy something you like on Instagram, stop right now. Long term, this is costing you more money rather than going shopping twice a year with one of our expert stylists that will curate an unlimited amount of looks for you. You will also leave with a better understanding of dressing yourself and where to shop.

What our clients say

“You actually saved my life Style Doctors! The lovely Anara met me at Mall of the Emirates for a life changing half day of amazing shopping. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who wants to learn about dressing for their body shape and come away with lots of new outfits” – Caroline

“Thank you so much for making my wardrobe dreams come true! Anara managed to turn my disorganized closet into the closet on my dreams. For anyone thinking if this service is worth it, the answer is YES! Anara styled around 65 outfits for me all fully accessorized and she managed to get what style I wanted to achieve” – Farah

“5 star service! A new wardrobe, a new outlook and feeling ready to take on anything” – Frederick

Book your own style session with one of our expert personal stylists in Dubai at Style Doctors here. Watch our video on why everyone can benefit from shopping with a personal stylist here.

by Style Doctors

Video: Youssef

Filmed at: Urbanist

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