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Spring 2018 Trends – What To Wear And How To Wear It

When we see models sashaying down the catwalks in the latest trends and we open a fashion magazine titled ‘Top Trends for Spring’, as stylists we get excited for what’s to come, but we also understand that what GiGi or Kaia wear won’t quite cut it in a board meeting, school run, or on a night out with friends. It’s exciting to see the new trends coming in, but also a little daunting, especially when the magazines don’t often show wearable versions of their ‘must wear now’ trends.

That’s why we’ve broken down four of the key trends this spring and picked out some of our favourite items, combing these trends into one look.

Spring 2018 Trends

Spring 2018 Trends: Pastels, Checks, Transparency, Fringing


Pastels are undergoing a radical renaissance, but the new way to wear them is with a twist. Our stylists Elin and Deni kept the tailoring sharp, opting for a full suit and separate blazer look respectively here. Build from a foundation of denim and go from there, and start with a small item such as a camisole like the one below.

Stylist Tip: Nothing updates a pastel cardigan quite like a modern attitude. Style with confidence!


You think of checks as being strictly winter-only, but they’re making a convincing case for being spring’s It print. Flattering on almost all body-shapes, the right check can elevate an outfit and make it timeless and edgy at the same time.

Stylist Tip: Keep it light in colour and in fabric choice. Neutral tones and linen mixes work well for summer checks, and soften it’s geometric lines with this season’s soft pastel peach and denim blue.


Sheer Trench Coat | Check Jacket | Fringed Sweater | Earrings | White Heels | Pastel Vest| PVC Tote | Straight Jeans


The line of your underwear was once a thing to be disguised – but this season’s trend for transparency means that bras and knickers have been on show almost everywhere you look. From plastic to tulle, this show-no-mercy trend was everywhere on the catwalks and now on the high street. Thankfully full coverage knickers are also trending but if you’re not quite ready to bare it all this spring, we recommend going for a tulle trench (above) which is a lot more wearable than a PVC body-con dress and probably more practical for us everyday folk.

Stylist Tip: Don’t go over-board during the day and make sure you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. The key thing when wearing anything transparent is that you have the right underwear, whether it’s a dress, blouse, or coat.


Lots of the designers used trims from marabou, leather across necklines, hemlines, you name it; and even the simplest of dress was turned into a Met Gala worthy outfit with no so subtle trims. Loewe in particular have taken a more wearable take on fringing and have combined the classic sweatshirt and added fringing detail.

Stylist Tip: Accessories are a great way to buy into this trend without going over-board and casual pieces like the sweatshirt above will still be on-trend next saeson unlike lots of the more statement fringed items.

If you’d like to find out more about translating trends and help finding your own unique personal style, reach out to our expert stylists and book a confidence boosting style session here.

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