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Steal Anara’s Style – Outfit Inspiration

Our stylists are well versed in creating looks for our clients, but how do they go about styling themselves? Following on from our feature on our CEO Elin’s personal style here, this time it’s UAE stylist Anara’s turn to discuss her outfit choices.

Anara’s style mantra is “Simplicity is true elegance.” She believes that ones style and their choice of accessories is a big reflection of their personality and the way they carry themselves. Elegant, classy, simple and formal, but with a twist, are 4 characteristics that perfectly describes the style of one of our personal stylists in Dubai, Anara.

“My personal style is mostly feminine and elegant, yet fashionable and trendy. Looking elegant and formal is a must since most of my clients are from companies top management positions, therefore I must look elegant and inspirational. Moreover, I work with celebrities and famous figures as I am also a celebrity stylist and looking smart and elegant is very important”

Garments with clean lines and soft simplicity are what catches Anara’s eye in stores. She tries to avoid loud flashy outfits unless she’s attending a fashion event or exhibition, but even then being elegant is her number one rule!

Wearing outfits that put you in your comfort zone is great, but finding a way to style and make yourself stand out is a pretty important aspect in your personal style. Trying different ways of wearing the same outfit is highly advised, as well as adding some accessories and especially, as Anara suggests, statement earrings.

Pleated Skirt | Straw Bag | Blouse | Shoes | Scarf | Twist Earrings | Sunglasses | Bracelet | Lipstick | Watch | Cuff | Ring

Accessorizing is very important, and is the finishing touch to your total look and it must complement it in an subtle way, making the whole picture look fantastic and remarkable

Anara paired this polka-dot cotton blouse with a gold pleated flowy maxi skirt, along with some pointed ballet flats, a straw bag and accessorized with a Tiffany and Co. cuff bracelet and ring. For the earrings, she wore the Tous silver twist earrings. She pays great attention to interesting details in outfits such as puff sleeves, plisse, colors and fabrics.

Anara carefully selects every piece to add in her wardrobe and each outfit must have its own personality and twist. Adding interesting clothing pieces to your wardrobe is a very important as it updates your closet and gives you more choices and pushes you to try out different outfits.

Instead of buying a plain pair of flared pants, try to find pleated flared pants with a different yet classy color and see how it might look! Experimenting with colors and clothing pieces can be very fun and interesting.

If you’d like to know more about exploring your personal style and have a one on one experience with one of our expert stylists, click here

by Zainab

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