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In addition to working with our everyday clients, Style Doctors also styles a wide range of people from celebrities, to business professionals, and even to fashion bloggers. We’ve previously styled bloggers Patricia and Holly, finding many different looks for them in just an hour! Most recently, we’ve had the opportunity to style fashion blogger Georgia and took her on our fashion blogger style challenge of trying to find an outfit in just an hour on Oxford Street!

I have always been interested in working with a stylist, not because I struggle to put an outfit together but because I was curious on what items they would pick out for me and I wanted to open my eyes to different styles that I might have not chosen for myself. It’s easy to get set in our ways when it comes to picking out our daily outfits and sometimes we need to get pulled out of our comfort zone.

We began our challenge in Zara on Oxford Street where stylist Elin picked out many different pieces to put into several different looks for Georgia. Because Georgia wanted to step out of her comfort zone and come away from casual every day clothing, Elin chose a combination of different pieces such as a printed dress, fur coat, and striped top with leather shorts. These are pieces that are still quite comfortable to wear, considering Georgia’s brief, but still look much more put together than a sweater and a t-shirt. We found some great accessories that went well with all of the outfits chosen and Georgia look amazing in every outfit!

One thing I know I don’t do well is dressing for my body shape. I have recently found myself reaching for anything comfy and oversized, as this is what I feel most comfortable in, and as I now spend most of my time sat behind a desk on my laptop, I dress for comfort. Let’s be real, the last thing anyone wants to do is sit in a tailored suit or skinny jeans all day and I certainly don’t, but I also don’t like the fact that I have gotten lazy and have started to make less of an effort in my day to day outfits, so this was something I wanted to work on.

Our next shopping destination was Miss Selfridge where we found even more stylish, but comfortable outfits for Georgia. The looks below are great because they are so effortless, yet look extremely put together and complete. A printed jumpsuit or dress is great to have in your spring/summer wardrobe because they’re comfortable and will keep you cool during the warmer months, but still look amazing.

It’s incredible how many outfits you can put together in just an hour with the help of one of our stylists, so if you’re in a crunch for time or want a little extra help stepping out of your comfort zone like Georgia, our stylists can help! Make sure to stay tuned for our next blogger styling challenge.

by Megan

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