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The Winter Coat Edit

Winter is all about layering and a hero coat is the must-have piece this season. Our selection of winter coats will get you ready to be warm and stylish whatever the weather may bring these next few months!

From bright coloured and printed coats to the ‘all-time classics’, we have translated the best fashion trends from the catwalks to the streets for you in our Winter Coat Edit.

The Statement Coat

If you prefer a simple and easy to wear outfit with an edge or you just love comfort and colours but still want to remain timeless and trendy, good news! Red makes a comeback this winter in all its shades. This powerful colour adds an extra boldness that can make any woman feel confident. A statement red coat can instantly ‘glam up’ a basic outfit such as jumper & jeans to make it more stylish. And for the more daring amongst you – an animal print backpack and cat eye shades will take your outfit to the next level!

Red Faux Fur Coat | Jeans | Leopard Print Backpack | Jumper | Sunglasses | Patent Boots| Earrings | Inspiration Image: Getty Images

The All Time Classic

If you need to invest in a coat this winter, you won’t go wrong with a good trench or Mac. Opt for a minimal silhouette in a neutral colour to ensure it lasts season after season.  This classic coat can be styled up and down to add a touch of timeless elegance to an everyday look. The trench works really well with a monochromatic look. Dressing head-to-toe in nude colours elongates the silhouette and looks chic (think Parisian chic!) Add a chic finish to this classic look with accessories in red. Et Voila! Now you have a coat for all eventualities.

Mac Coat| Ecru Skinny Jeans | Leather Gloves | Tartan Sweater | Ray-Ban Sunglasses | Boots 

The ‘Buy It Before It Goes’ Coat

There’s always a ‘coat of the season’ and this winter is no exception. You may have read our blog post all about the metallic trend here and the ‘It’ coat of the season is the silver trench. Although this is a statement coat it’s also timeless at the same time. Whether you’re looking for a stand-out coat to go over your evening looks or a coat to finish off your weekend casual looks, the silver trench is a solid choice. Metallic is a colour that works with everything regardless of the colours in your outfit which makes it a savvy financial purchase too.

Silver Trench | Cashmere Sweater | Leather Trousers | Cross Body Bag | Animal Print Boots | Biker Trousers | Earrings | Watch  | Inspiration Image: Getty Images

If you’d like some assistance putting together your winter wardrobe this season OR you need some help selecting the perfect winter coat, reach out to our stylists today.

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