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Back To Work Wardrobe

Have you been thinking about booking a styling session for yourself or someone you know? Find out from one of our clients about her styling experience with Style Doctors. Our lovely client Mari recently spent some time with stylist Elin on a half day styling session in search of a great back to work wardrobe and here’s how she felt about her Style Doctors experience.

Mari’s New Work Wardrobe

SD: Why did you book a style session?

Mari: I’m going back to work soon following a period of maternity leave, and need to spruce up my wardrobe. I’ve also fallen into a rut of what to wear, totally forgotten how to accessorise, and generally just need a shake up. I’ve also had 3 children in 4 years, so my body has changed, and so I enlisted some much needed professional help.

SD: Tell us about your personal style.

Mari: Not sure I have a style. I like to look nice, probably stylish, but I’m definitely not perfectly put together. Maybe…messy funky? (Lol)

SD: What were you hoping to achieve?

Mari: Easy to put together, stylish outfits for work, and for weekends.

SD: Did you find the session productive?

Mari: Extremely. Couldn’t recommend it enough. I’ve probably got enough outfits now to last at least a year, which is amazing. The stylist was incredibly knowledgeable, and she knew exactly what I wanted and needed from the outset. This is a service everyone should use. I honestly believe it could save us all from the misery/money-wasting experiences of online shopping.

My stylist has changed my wardrobe, and honestly my life too. I now feel a lot more confident, and more like who I want to see when I look in a mirror.

SD: How did your style session go?

Mari: Wonderfully. Met for a coffee, went through brief, shopped for a few hours, bought clothes and haven’t stopped smiling since.

SD: Would you use a stylist again?

Mari: In a heartbeat.

SD: How many outfits did you buy?

Mari: Easily 20-25…possibly more.

Whether you’re a new mum in need of a new work wardrobe after having children or just want to find your own personal style and develop a great capsule wardrobe, a Style Doctors experience can help you achieve whatever you’re looking for. Book your style experience here.

by Style Doctors

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