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Business Casual Style Inspiration For Women

With a large majority of businesses now adopting a more ‘Business Casual’ style of dressing, Style Doctors has been helping more and more women move away from the traditional business attire of yesteryear.

2019 has been a big year in terms of style in the business world with companies such as Goldman Sachs publicly announcing their new ‘more relaxed’ dress code. Lots of businesses are following suit and as stylists, we are seeing a major shift in the corporate world.

But naturally, with anything new comes a set of challenges as many people have adopted a ‘uniform’ for most of their working careers (whether that’s a set of shift dresses that you wear on rotation on a a few trouser suits that you update yearly).

The good news is that times are changing and this new dress code allows more creativity, personality and freedom.

Following on from our blog post about business casual for men, we are focusing on business casual for women in this blog post.

Having a wardrobe full of items that can be mixed and matched together to create multiple outfits is the key. Any good wardrobe needs wardrobe staples that will act as a base for all outfits. These would include, a great pair of trousers in navy, neutral (nude/tan/beige) or black, a well-fitted blazer, blouses/tops in various colors, nude and black heels.

Business Casual For Women

Coat | Turtleneck | Trousers | Heels | Earrings | Bag | Lipstick | Belt

Once you have the basics, you can then build-up stylish outfits by adding color, accessories and prints. In our video, our stylists have put together three different looks that demonstrate how to create easy business casual outfits. From a classic monochrome dress to the electric blue roll-neck with checked trousers, business casual can be both fun and smart at the same time.

When done right, the business casual casual dress code allows much more variation when getting dressed.

This can in turn, help people feel more like themselves at work and helps productivity and staff morale.

If your company has recently adopted a new business casual style of dressing, why not book a style session with one of our expert stylist who will demystify the concept and help create multiple looks that make you look and feel great on a daily basis here.

If you are a company and looking to create an internal style guide for your staff, get in touch here.

by Jean, Farhan and Maroua

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