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A common misconception is that it doesn’t take much for men to look good in the workplace. Most think a tie and a sports coat will make you look stylish as well as professional. While that can meet some standards, it takes a bit more effort to elevate that look to stylish and pulled together. We have a few tips about business menswear that will get you voted best dressed in the office.


The biggest mistake made by men everywhere is that they don’t get workwear that fits properly. Yes, it can be pricy to get a tailored suit, but taking one or two suits to the dry cleaners for a bit of tailoring wouldn’t hurt. It’s also an investment that you can make so you can wear your suit for years to come and feel great every time you put it on. You can also tailor things like jeans, casual shirts, jackets — anything you can imagine. The right fit is key to feeling and looking your best.


Prints are an easy way to stand out in the workplace. Don’t be afraid to mix prints as well. Some tips we have for adding prints to your business attire are as follows…

1. Pair a printed tie, a printed button down and solid color suit. Make sure the tie and the button down have coordinating colors so that your look is seamlessly put together. One print should outshine the other, as two macro prints can be harsh on the eyes.

2. Solid tie and shirt with a printed jacket/suit: Printed suits are nothing to be afraid of. However, with printed suits, your tie and shirt should be solid. Another tip: don’t be afraid to wear color. Perhaps an accent color from your print. As for the types of prints to look for, small plaids, gingham in dark natural colors, and tweeds are a perfect prints this season. Also, a classic pinstripe should never be forgotten.

Feature ImageAbove ImageJ.Crew printed shirt | J.Crew printed tie | Hugo Boss suit | To Boot New York shoes | Jack Manson watch

Business casual

For the occasional casual day at the office, ditch the tie. Whether you’re a “top button unbuttoned” or blazer kind of guy, either one is great with a casual printed shirt. A fitted jacket and pants are still essentials, even for business casual, but a sports jacket and nice jeans are an easy comfortable alternative to the norm. Throw on a pair of sneakers or slip ons to complete your look.

Above ImageCole Haan sneakers | Hugo Boss Casual shirt | Hackett blazer | Acne Studios jeans | Aldo shoes | Aldo bag

It’s so important to put your best foot forward, especially at the workplace. Our stylists are professionally trained help both men and women look and feel good not only for work but, in all parts of life. To shop our styling packages for help with business menswear, click here.

by Nicole

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