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Cold Weather Style Classics

The months after the holidays can be quite unexciting and leave us with that “back to reality” type of feeling. It’s common to feel uninspired after all the holiday merriment dies down and you realize you still have to clean up those lights, ditch the tree and décor and put at least (some) of your sequin dresses away.

When I’m feeling down in the dumps about my wardrobe, I like to head over to a department store because they’re like a melting pot of fashion and inspiration!

With multiple brands, and options to choose from under one roof, I headed over to Nordstrom to put together some style classics that can help you keep your spark during the rest of these cold months.

Cold Weather Style Classics

Turtle necks are totally timeless! They automatically add an air of sophistication to any outfit. It’s the comfort of wearing a sweater all while upping the style a notch, a win win! I selected a thicker knit turtleneck below but a thin cashmere fitted style would also look great with the look.

Skirts are making a bigger appearance this winter season, so why not make yours a nice thick wool one that adds some warmth. The fun plaid pattern also adds some excitement to the look while the belt flatters the waist.

If this is your first foray into plaid, I suggest keeping it simple with your colors and make sure you an think of at least 4 ways of styling before buying!

High boots paired with midi to longer skirts have been such a staple this year and the crocodile texture of these boots is a great way to subtlety include another pattern into the look. The ‘no skin’ rule on the legs can look very sophisticated but petite girls beware, make sure your skirts are fitted and sweaters short to avoid being overpowered. 

Style Classics

Turtleneck | Skirt | Boots | Coat | Purse | Gloves | Necklace | Watch

A day coat is perfect to throw on over any outfit. They keep you warm without being overly bulky and the oversized pockets are great to have! Plus, don’t tell anyone I told you this but there are lots of great classic coats to be found in the sales (shush!)

Using a cross-body purse during these cooler days is perfect so you don’t have to worry about holding your bag and you can keep those hands nice and warm inside those pockets! Seeing as though we’re thinking all things timeless, I have selected a neutral color.

Adding some jewelry like this stunning gold necklace that matches the gold on the cross-body is a lovely way to unify your accessories.

And finally finishing off the look with some screen touch gloves is a must-have to stay warm in NYC!

All of these great finds from Nordstrom are sure to put that pep back into your step and help you start off this new year strong and confident!

Even if you’re not planning on buying anything, it’s great to feel inspired and even browsing has been proven to give you the ‘feel good factor’.

If you have any more questions and would like some more help getting inspired with your wardrobe or have any questions about styling in general, please feel free to contact us. All of our talented Style Doctors are more than happy to help!

by Khadija

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