Corporate Style Guide

In the business world, this last year has been a big year in terms of style with companies such as Goldman Sachs publicly announcing their new ‘more relaxed’ dress code. Lots of businesses are following suit and as style consultancy, we are seeing a major shift in the corporate world.

With a large majority of businesses now adopting a more ‘Business Casual’ style of dressing, Style Doctors helps companies transition from the more traditional business work style to a more modern and forward thinking dress code with the aid of a corporate style guide.

As a style consultancy, Style Doctors helps create style guides for companies to help their staff adhere to this new dress code.

Having worked with global companies in banking, motor trade and media such as Lexus, Westfield and Volvo, Style Doctors is well versed in creating style guides based on a specific companies needs.

Corporate Style Guide

Why invest in a company style guide?

With a business casual approach there is much more room for interpretation and one person’s idea of business casual might be entirely different to another’s. One person might consider business casual as simply as taking off a tie, however someone else might think that a t shirt and blazer is considered smart casual.

Without a clear guide in place, most businesses will find that their staff’s definitions of business casual are far too broad and they will not achieve a cohesive look across the company. Style Doctors can create clear and easy to follow guides for companies in any industry.

“As there is much more room for interpretation when it comes to business casual, it’s essential that companies have a clear style guide in place to illustrate what the company means by it’s definition of business casual” – Elin Mai, CEO

If you are a company and thinking about having an internal style guide for your staff, get in touch here.