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Dress for the Heat : Miami Style Tips For Men

Miami is the home of many classic styles, diverse flavors and history. Much like many cities in the world, it is a melting pot of culture which makes it a place where anything goes in terms of fashion. From beach life to business, whether you are a Miami native or here on vacation, dressing well in the city is a must. As we always say; If you look good, you feel great!

Something I see tourists and Miami locals struggling with is still looking smart in the heat. This blog post is dedicated to dressing for the heat – that is Miami!

Picking the outfit

Many options come into play when picking an outfit on a beautiful hot summer day in Miami. Think lightweight fabrics in cottons and linen fabrics when choosing pants. These fabrics not only feel good on the body but allow air to circulate, keeping you cool no matter the event. You also could add in shorts, my personal favorite. Shorts are great when just strolling along Lincoln road or Wynwood, keeping you cool.

“Shorts don’t have to be casual and you can dress these up with a button-down or smart t-shirt”

Styling shorts with a simple t-shirt and neck-scarf

Picking a print

How do you finish-off a pair of linen pants or your basic summer shirt? You can never go wrong with solids, floral print, or a thin striped shirt. Lately I’m really loving the Mandarin collar, something a little different from tradition, yet it comes off looking really pristine and cool.

The must-have printed shirt

Layering in it’s coolest form

“While we usually reserve layering for winter, you can still get away with it in the summer – enter he good old staple t-shirt”

The key here is to stay away from thick cotton. Go for t-shirts that are sheer enough that you can see light coming through and feel super light in your hands, or a V-neck instead of a crew neck. Pair it with a button-down short sleeve with the buttons undone to keep it fresh but still stylish.













































A simple t-shirt is a summer must-have


Last but not least are the shoes. The possibilities are endless, color combinations are unlimited, and styles have no boundaries. We in Miami look for a quick slip-on in the categories of espadrilles, loafers, or even Vans. Look for canvas or suede to keep your feet cool.

By Alfred Marrero

Photography by Samantha Lindner

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