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Getting Ready For New York Fashion Week

For fashion lovers all over the world, the anticipation is building as this week kicks off New York Fashion Week. Whether you are a designer, blogger, stylist, buyer, or just an on-looker, there is a lot to look forward to in this season. Not only does fashion week give designers both established and new, a chance to share their new collections, but also gives stylish men and women from all over the opportunity to use the streets as their runway. Fashion Week attendees do not hold back when it comes to street style and innovation.

If you have plans to attend fashion week shows, events, or just soak up the aura of style that will hit the Manhattan streets – we have a few tips on how to prepare for fashion week like a pro.

Getting Ready For New York Fashion Week

Attending Shows/Events

While many of the shows are invitation only, there are still lots of events and presentations that you can still attend. Look on Eventbrite and search New York Fashion week and you will find a slew of events; some may cost you, but there are a ton of events that are free and great opportunities to network while also getting great content for your blog or social media accounts.

Another key is using hashtags to search what’s going on in your area, use tags like #NYFW #NYFWEvents #NYFWParty on Twitter and Instagram and you will be able to find more events, parties, and new designer exhibitions.

Dressing for the Shows

There are several options when it comes to fashion week styling. Because fashion week is so fast paced with several shows and events all occurring in one day, it’s better and easier to work with a stylist. A stylist is able to help you curate looks for each of your appearances. A stylist can not only pull you new looks based around the designers that are highlighted during fashion week, but they can also show you how to remix the items that are already in your wardrobe. Stylists also have a vast knowledge of fashion week and designers, and can help you properly navigate through the week. Lucky enough to be jetting over to London Fashion Week too? Read our post all about LFW here.

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