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Holiday Gift Shopping

During the holidays, one can feel bombarded with the chaos of ribbons and boxes and bags. And let’s not forget about the stress of holiday gift shopping. You want to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones and friends. But those gifts may seem more like a part of your imagination than a reality. Choosing the right present with no direction may seem like a lost cause.

No worries for you, because Style Doctors has must must-haves for even the toughest of shopping list afficionados. So take a deep breath and dive in – there are ways to avoid the strain of gift shopping. Keep it simple and shop with a mission in mind. Don’t let the stores get the best of you. With all the raucous it can be overwhelming, so your holiday gift shopping should be done in one section of the store at a time.

If you prefer to avoid the stores altogether, our stylists have an expertly-curated gift list of items you can purchase via the links in this blog post! Let’s get shopping.

Techie Smart Watch

A clean-cut watch with gorgeous accents is both sophisticated and chic. A normal watch can be great for timekeepers, but the added tech creates a more modern vibe on this classic gift. Smart phone meets watch, provides an outlet to incorporate fashion accessories with tech. Now that they’ve been on the market for a while, these timepieces will be a bit easier on the wallet.

Choose from an assortment of styles to find one that meets your loved one’s personal look. Versatile bands and colors can turn this watch into a statement accessory. The adjustable watch faces add visual interest to the wearable technology. So, for this holiday season skip the basic watch and opt for something with a little more sparkle.

Mini Backpack

Deviate from the simple purse for Christmas and give the gift of a mini backpack. This backpack is the new purse with more room. With slightly more space it can be used as a present stuffer, add cute little surprises throughout the backpack for your family and friends to find.

Accent the mini backpack with studs and chains to create personality. The texture of the accessories will make the bag stand out and give it a unique twist. The best part about a mini backpack is one size fits all.


Header Photo CreditPull & Bear mini backpackHerbivore Pink clay maskApple smart watch | Ted Baker flask | Emporio Armani sunglasses | The Little Dictionary of Fashion | Gucci knit hat | Reiss scarf | Topshop slippers | Jack Spade passport holder | Ann Taylor necklace | Ralph Lauren gloves | Tateossian cuff links | YSL lip gloss | Paul Smith socks

The Fashion Book

Whether your friend is a fashion-fiend or a style newbie, there are numerous titles out there from chapter books, to coffee table toppers, to page flippers that fit in your pocket. Woman, man, older or young, this gift is the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone interested in learning more about the fashion industry or how to style themselves.

Holiday gift shopping this season? Accessories are the go-to when you know a person’s taste, but not necessarily his or her size. Complement one’s personal style with a mini backpack or a smart watch this holiday season. If you are still unsure of what present to give, give the gift of style with one of Style Doctors stylist packages. Ask our friendly stylists what package is best for your loved one.

by Marissa

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