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How To Style An Aviator Jacket

The aviator jacket, also known as the pilot jacket or flight jacket is timeless and anything but your standard men’s jacket.

The aviator jacket comes from the days in which people used to fly planes without sides or roofs. At such high altitudes, the pilots needed something that would keep them insulated against adverse weather conditions. Even back then, Aviator jackets were the epitome of cool, although these days the designs have lost some of the bulkiness that was once needed to stop the pilots from freezing.

The aviator effortlessly allows you to channel your inner Tom Cruise (in Top Gun not The Firm that is) whilst maintaining an unmistakably timeless look – it really is a perfect addition to your fall wardrobe.

Last season was all about the classic brown and tan aviator but this season (and rather unexpectedly) the white and cream aviators are the big trend.

As always, our stylists are here to help you translate trends into reality and turn statement pieces into wearable everyday items.

How To Style

A chunky knitted jumper or slim fit t-shirt looks great under an aviator. For the bottom half, aviator jackets work well with jeans, checked trousers, chinos and even a more tailored trouser.

The aviator needs to be the centrepiece of the outfit!

We recommend styling with jeans or navy colored chinos for a simple casual look. Or…if you are feeling more adventurous, you can style head-to-toe one colour and wear a cream aviator with similar colored trousers.

Aviator | Watch | Trainers | Glasses | Backpack | Jumper | Chinos

Off-set with casual accessories, such as basic white trainers and metal watch to create an easy daytime look.

The Fit

The fit is arguably the most important aspect of getting the look right. Too big and you risk looking like a little boy in an oversized blazer, invest in a jacket that’s too small and you might look like you’ve borrowed it off your little brother.

A good jacket should feel like a second skin, so if you’re struggling to lift your arm above your shoulder, you might want to try the size up.

If you’re not quite ready for a white or cream aviator yet, you can still find the classic brown and tan versions around. For more advice on finding the perfect jacket this autumn, read our stylists tips here.

For your own personalised style advice, book a style session with one of our expert stylists here.

by Jean, Farhan and Maroua

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