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Investing in the Perfect Jeans

We all have jeans in our closet that are right at the front – that get the most wear, the most love, and the most use. And then we have a stack of jeans in the back of our drawers, that haven’t seen daylight in months, maybe still with the tags on. Investing in jeans that flatter your shape and make you feel fantastic is definitely something every woman needs to do. They’re a staple that can be dressed up or down for nearly any occasion! Style Doctors has compiled some basic tips to think about before heading out to find that new denim. Need a personal stylist in NYC for other items in your closet as well? Book an appointment for an in-depth style consultation!


The wash or rinse of your jeans refers to the color of the denim. A dark wash is universally flattering, slimming the waist and elongating the leg. Dark jeans are going to be the “navy suit” of jeans; something that every woman should own. A medium wash is more rustic and casual. Great for going out during the day or lounging around. Medium wash jeans also tend to lend themselves more toward distressed and looser-fitting styles. A light wash is very casual, usually worn by a younger demographic. While dark jeans will always have a slimming effect, be careful with the light wash — they can sometimes have the opposite effect if not worn in the correct size and fit.


There are many different styles of jeans, and they each make a different statement. One of the most iconic/classic cuts is the skinny jean, fitting very close to the leg and hitting around the ankle. As long as they are a proper fit and in a medium or dark wash, they are flattering for nearly any body type. Switch up your skinny jean style by finding a pair with a frayed hem and pairing with chunky heels.

Feature Image | Above Image | J Brand distressed jeans | Chloe shoulder bag | ASOS earrings | Vivienne Westwood watch | Salvatore Ferragamo | Trouve longline jacket | Quay Australia sunglasses | Mango blouse | Bobbi Brown lipstick

Boot cut is also a very popular cut, and usually worn in more dressy settings. The boot cut is similar to the skinny jean, except instead of being tight, the leg of the jean is a bit wider at the bottom, almost as if there’s room for a “boot” underneath. You don’t have to wear boots, though. As long as the denim isn’t too short or too long – preferable length is less than one inch from the ground. Wear with your favorite stilettos to dress up for a night out.

The comeback denim of the season is the cropped jean. Whether it comes as a pair of capris or short, flared, ’70s-inspired duds, these ankle-bearing jeans are a must have for trend-chasers everywhere. Try to wear these with some kind of heel, because a cropped fit can sometimes make you look shorter. Complete the trendy look with a woven basket purse and oversized shirt, tucked in at the front.

The boyfriend jean is the ultimate casual-wear piece. It fits loosely around the thighs and calves, and usually comes to a taper around the ankle or a bit before. The fit around the bottom can be tricky, as it shouldn’t be too tight  (like the skinny jean,) but also shouldn’t hang to create unnecessary volume. Finding the perfect boyfriend jean can sometimes be difficult for curvy figures. If you’re struggling finding the right brands for your body type, just reach out!

Want to Learn More?

If you’re intrigued and interested in finding the perfect pair of jeans for you, our stylists are happy to help! Maybe you want to learn more about overalls, painted denim, chambray, or something else. All you need to do is book an appointment that best suits your needs, and you’ll have a wardrobe full of versatile and useful pieces that you understand how to wear. You can find the package options with a Style Doctor personal stylist in NYC here.

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