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Meet The Miami Stylist – Alfred

We have a fantastic team of personal stylists at Style Doctors who work with our clients of all ages, shapes and lifestyles. Each member of our global styling team has a diverse client base and each stylist does their best to ensure that every client leaves their styling session feeling empowered, stylish, and ready to take on the world with their newfound style.

Find out a little bit more about our friendly team in our Meet The Personal Stylist feature. This blog post features Alfred, one of our male stylists in Miami.

About Alfred //

I am Miami born & raised. I can honestly say I have always been into fashion, I remember the first staple piece I had as a child was a pair of snake skin cowboy boots. Did they go with everything? Probably not, but I would wear them everywhere I could. As I grew older I was eventually exposed to the hip-hop scene and that’s really where my outfits came into play – oversized streetwear and white trainers to match. Now that I am older I am more aware about the clothing I wear. I am a big fan of high end street wear designers and vintage pieces as well as sustainable clothing.

I started styling with my mom. On birthdays she would ask me what she should wear on her special night out. What I discovered with her was that she is a big fan of black, I think the designer for her would be Rick Owens. So what I did was bring her to a more decorative side, prints and few new additions to her already fashionable style that lacked color. I’ve also styled numerous friends when conducting my formal education in fashion – its all been a success! Confidence is key when picking an outfit for someone else.

Your Personal Style

My signature style really varies on the day. On a night out I want to be Johnny depp in the 90’s , and other days I find myself wanting to be a Asap Rocky – wearing my favorite streetwear staples . If only Miami was colder, I am a sucker for a real nice pair of boots and a leather jacket. For the time being, I keep those for when travelling.

My fashion go-to would have to be unique T-shirts. I love finding t-shirts that I feel like no one will have. That when I put it in my closet its a memory of when I bought it. I remember almost everything about the day and how I felt buying each and every piece. Some shirts mean more than others of course, and the memory of the place where I bought them is forever archived with me.

My fashion tip would be to not only think about the impact of clothes, but the comfort too. Be versatile in your looks, never be just one person. Be as many as your closet allows!

A personal stylist will take the lead to enhance your individual style. A stylist can help you choose versatile pieces that are not only suitable to your body shape but also fitting into your lifestyle!

Alfred with his fellow Style Doctors Miami stylists

Learning how to maximise your clothes and pick pieces that are suitable for both work and free time means spending less money on clothes long-term.

Want to get a personalised style advice from Alfred? Get in touch, to book a styling experience with our expert team.

by Style Doctors

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