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Meet The Miami Stylist – Haydee

We have a fantastic team of personal stylists at Style Doctors, who are trained to work with clients of all ages, sizes, shapes and lifestyles. Each member of our styling team has a diverse client base and ensures that every client leaves their styling session looking good and feeling great.

Find out a little bit more about our friendly team in our Meet The Personal Stylist feature. This post is dedicated to Miami based Style Doctors stylist Haydee.

About Haydee //

I am a stylist and freelance photographer who was born in Cuba and raised in Canada. Ever since I can remember I have loved fashion and putting outfits together. I used to beg my mom to let me dress myself as a child and I always wanted to stand out and express myself through my clothes, as it was a way to let people know who I was right when they met me. As I grew older I experimented with my style and have garnered many influences which have led me to how I express myself today.

Growing up, friends would always ask me to help them pick outfits. It made me realize that people value my opinion when it comes to fashion. As I have been pursuing photography over the last few years, I have styled almost all of my photo-shoots. This year I did some work with The Webster, in which I assisted in styling and prepping for e-commerce photo-shoots. And now my work with Style Doctors has made my love of styling grow tenfold.

Your Personal Style

I always used to struggle with finding one definition for my style, so I settled on “eclectic” which allowed me to experiment and be flexible with my signature style. However, as I grow into myself more as a person, I find that I have reached a point in which I can say that my signature style is a mix of masculine and feminine aspects, with an emphasis on street-wear and comfort.

I love making current and past trends my own and mixing femininity and masculinity in order to express my personality and stand out.

My fashion go-to would be mixing masculine and feminine touches in an outfit. For example, wearing a big tee shirt with jeans and kitten heels or a cute dress paired with basketball sneakers.

I truly believe that if you trust yourself and express your personality when you pick out what to wear then you can’t go wrong fashion-wise. There are so many outside influences these days, and it can become overwhelming.

Fashion is all about self-expression as long as you feel good in your clothes, you will be confident and stylish.

I think personal styling is a great opportunity for people who may struggle with getting their ideas out onto their everyday wardrobe. People often tell me they couldn’t pull off certain things that they wish they could, and I always encourage them to take the risk and try it anyway!

A personal stylist gives you the knowledge, aesthetic eye, and motivation to wear what you’ve always envisioned yourself wearing or even point out things that you never would’ve picked yourself, but suit you perfectly.

Whether you need a wardrobe update or you are missing some key fashion essentials, our Miami team is on hand. Book one of our expert stylists for a unique personal styling session.

by Haydee

Photography: Ewa

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