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Meet The Miami Stylist – Aricia

At Style Doctors Miami, we pride ourselves on having a talented team of stylists that can work with anyone and everyone. Our style experts are trained in color, body shapes and have an in-depth knowledge of Miami fashion scene. Each one of our stylists have a diverse client base and excellent knowledge of both fast fashion and luxury retail.

This post is dedicated to Aricia, one of our longest serving team members and the lead stylist in Miami.

About Aricia //

An internship got me into styling and marked the beginning of my career. I started interning for different fashion designers in Miami. I was styling models for photo-shoots and fittings. From there I styled friends of friends and little by little started building my styling knowledge and client base. I’ve now been styling for over two years and loving every minute.

My eye for fashion developed at a young age; I had so much fun putting together outfits for myself adding accessories and shoes. As I got older, I started giving style advice to family and friends and now of course, clients. It’s been a life-long passion!

Your Personal Style

My own personal style is a mixture of street style and chic elegance. I love mixing the two together; I find it to be a great combination that expresses my personality & works with my lifestyle. Jeans are definitely the one thing I couldn’t live without having in my closet . I can dress them up or down depending on the situation which works extremely well with the dynamics of my week.

My top fashion tips:

  1. Don’t buy something for just one occasion
  2. Invest in what you already own
  3. Always Accessorize
  4. Step out of your comfort zone

Stylists shop for a living.  Simply put it this way, they are always shopping meaning you will have an expert on hand. They not only have relationships with stores and designers, they also know what’s in style, and where they can get a specific item for the best deal. Since they have relationships with stores and designers, they are usually the first to know about discounts, sales and of course they are always very excited to pass these on to their clients.  In the long run, using a stylist will save you money and valuable time.

To book the Aricia or one of our other Style Doctors stylists for a personal styling experience, contact us.

by Style Doctors

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