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Meet The Personal Stylist Meagan

At Style Doctors, we pride ourselves on having the ultimate team of experts that can work with anyone and everyone. Our stylists are trained in the art of color, body shapes, and have an in-depth knowledge of both high street and designer stores. Each one of our styling teams has a diverse client base and every one of our personal stylists helps change someone’s wardrobe (and life) every day. Find out a little bit more about our friendly team in our Meet the Personal Stylist feature. This post is dedicated to one of our NYC based personal stylists, Maegan.

Meet the Personal Stylist // Meagan

After graduating from high school, I majored in nursing and landed a job working in a hospital. Something every nursing student should be content with, but I found myself much happier in my second retail job instead. I would call it a hobby, styling photo shoots for friends or choosing their outfits for Saturday nights out. I finally decided to turn my hobby into my career and put my all into pursuing fashion. Before I knew it I went from my first internship to a full-time job. I am so glad I didn’t settle and sought after my passion!

The Best Part of Being a Stylist

Whether it’s in a personal styling session or at an editorial shoot, I love creating the best version of people.

If it’s with finding the perfect jean or picking out the best suit, giving clients the confidence of presenting themselves as they want to be seen is what drives me.

Favorite Trends at the Moment

Style and fashion can tell you so much about the times we are living in. Different trends often time mirror the social state of a community. For example, most women are now ditching high heels which is showing the lifestyle of the average woman. She’s on the go, with a lot to do, and needs to be comfortable doing it. I love that!

I absolutely love the minimal style of dressing. I am currently transitioning my closet into a minimal capsule wardrobe. Finding those perfect pieces take time, but I know it will be worth the wait!

Most Rewarding Part of Styling

Hearing the words, “I still wear a piece we purchased together!” lets me know I am doing my job well! It tells me that I am finding pieces that are currently living in the client’s closet and not in the back, collecting dust.

I love when my client feels confident, not only with their new wardrobe but confident in the choices they make the next time they go shopping.

Giving clients the knowledge to know what works for them and what doesn’t is a skill they can carry with them throughout life forever.

To book Meagan or one of our other stylists for a personal styling experience, contact us. You can also meet some of our other personal stylists at Style Doctors here.

 by Khadija

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