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Meet The Stylist – Adtresa

We have a fantastic team of stylists here at Style Doctors who work with our clients from all different walks of life. Each one of our styling team has a wide client base, and each one helps change someone’s life each and every day. That’s why we want you to Meet the Stylist!

Our stylists are trained in the art of color, body shapes and have an in-depth knowledge of fast fashion, department, and designer stores. A great stylist will be able to understand you and your requirements within a few minutes of meeting you. At Style Doctors, we pride ourselves on having the ultimate team of experts that can work with anyone and everyone.

Find out a little bit more about our team in our Meet The Stylist feature. This post is dedicated to the New York stylist, Adtresa.

Meet the Stylist // Adtresa

Adtresa has been styling for 7 years. Her career has been driven by her passion for the art of transformation – in styling and in life.

“I love encouraging clients to express themselves through their personal style.” – Adtresa

While it’s the satisfaction of improving clients’ confidence that makes all the difference for Adtresa, the journey to getting there is just as important. She has a keen eye for just the right colors and fabrics, and often finds inspiration from her daily surroundings. People, nature, and culture all influence her styling choices just as much as trends of the moment.

How would you describe your style?

Clothes are an extension of the personality. And personality can change a bit from day to day! This is why Adtresa chooses her daily outfits and accessories based on how she feels that day. A stylist who is in touch with her feelings, surroundings, and emotions can channel all of those resources to create breathtaking and unique looks, time and time again.

“As a personal stylist, I would describe my own style as “Feeling.” – Adtresa

And she is very aware of her influence on her clients. “Stylists are important,” Adtresa says. “We’re not dictators, but we’re more like a supportive guardian angel.” Paying attention to details, getting to know the client, and seeing the end goal in mind all influence the styling experience. Stylists aren’t there to say Yes and No. Instead, Adtresa and the other Style Doctors help clients through the art of self discovery and nurturing personal style.

We asked her what she likes about shopping in NYC: “Shopping in New York is a magical adventure. There’s so many hidden gems where you can find unique pieces.” Adtresa is known for her jackets, jumpsuits, and accessories that are unlike any other. She is always ready to help her clients find equally gorgeous, flattering, and interesting pieces in every corner of the city.

Want a personalized experience like this? To book Adtresa or another stylist for a shopping or styling appointment, shop our packages here.

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