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Meet The Team – Style Doctors Miami

With offices in Miami, NYC, London and Dubai, we are proud to be an international styling company who have helped style over 12,000 women, men and teenagers over the years. Our Miami office has been rapidly growing recently with young, dynamic and talented stylists joining the team.

In the peak of the summer season, our Miami stylists spend the majority of their time walking around the shops styling clients or working on styling events. In between style appointments, they found time to come together with photographer Ewa for our ‘Meet The Stylists’ feature. For this shoot, Aricia, Alfred and Haydee came together at Miami South Beach to capture some fun team moments.

Miami Stylists

Led by our experienced stylist Aricia, the Miami team is comprised of a talented and diverse team of stylists. The team is young, creative and extremely forward-thinking.

Each stylist does their very best to ensure that every client leaves their styling session feeling empowered, stylish, and ready to take on the world with their newfound style.

Style Doctors also produces a lot of social media content to keep our client base inspired and up-to-date with the fashion scene in Miami.

Working for Style Doctors Miami is always fun. We work with local boutiques and designers to host in-store styling events. The events are a fun and efficient way for our clients to receive tips and learn how to style with friends. Our latest event with Antidote was a great success and our team put together a stylish event which included a mini catwalk and style presentation. Expect many other new exciting projects like this in future!Aricia

Menswear Styling

Alfred, our male style assistant, focuses on menswear fashion and styling. Knowledgeable and fashion forward, he works hard on producing content for our male clients. 

Both my parents are Hispanic giving me a very rich Latin background. Needles to say, it has had a big influence in each and every aspect of my life including fashion! I am bilingual which really comes in handy when working with international clients in Miami – Alfred

Keep an eye for Alfred’s weekly Menswear Monday Instagram takeovers where he gives an insider style tips on menswear styling and trends in line with the Miami lifestyle.

Mixing and matching is something that I do the most. I find that investing in great quality pieces is the way to go. I love to style myself as well as others, bringing them out of their usual everyday style and showing them what a splash of color can do to their image Alfred

Miami Style

As well as being a stylist, Haydee is a fashion photographer with video production background. From attending Miami Fashion Week to putting together fashion photo-shoots, she stays up-to-date with what is in vogue. Her unique perspective on fashion and style turns her into a brilliant style advisor when it comes to the latest trends.

I am a stylist and freelance photographer who was born in Cuba and raised in Canada. Ever since I can remember I have loved fashion and putting outfits together – Haydee

For our team photo-shoot, we chose the iconic architecture of Miami South Beach district. The iconic Art Deco buildings and signature for Miami palm streets work as the perfect backdrop for the team shots. Our stylists styling reflects the location – modern, chic and relaxed.

At Style Doctors we value our experienced team members who work hard to keep our leadership position on the global styling scene.

“Being stylish does not only mean having a good sense for fashion, but also dressing relevant for the situation and the location you are in. As an international melting pot, Miami has its very own dress code. There are no better style experts than our Miami team to take care of your style.” – Deni Kiro, Head of brand partnerships

To book your very own styling session with one of our Miami stylists, see all of our Style Doctors Miami services here.

by Deni

Photos: Ewa

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