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New Year Style Resolutions

Whether you have already created your New Year’s resolution list or they’re not for you, we believe it’s time to make your style a priority in 2018. We know for most people that when it comes to New Year’s resolutions people often want to try to be healthier, maybe change careers or even move to another country. Although all these things are important, how you feel when achieving these goals is equally as important.

Embarking on a new fitness regimen? Studies show that those who wear the right clothes that make them feel good and fit well get better results and quicker. Lost some weight but still dressing in your old clothes? Reward yourself by investing in new clothes that flatter your new shape. Moving can be stressful enough without having to think about what to pack, make sure your wardrobe is streamlined and easy.

In this post we are going to break down why investing in a personal stylist will be an important asset to you in 2018.

Investment in yourself

A personal stylist is an investment in yourself. Instead of shopping every now and then or just when you see fit, a stylist will help you curate the perfect closet using existing and new clothing. You will no longer be wasting money on clothes that you only wear once or twice. In the long run, a stylist will save you money because their expertise will yield a timeless closet. This new year invest in yourself.

You deserve to be the best you and by hiring a stylist you will be able to make 2018 a new and brighter you just by starting with your wardrobe.

Career progression

In social and business situations the way you look should always matter. Even though people judge you at first sight, that should not be the only reason to dress to impress. How you feel about yourself is noticeable to others. Whether you’re in a job interview or looking to be promoted, you should be dressing the part with confidence.

A stylist will work with you, listen to your goals, and help you pick a wardrobe that will suit your current and future job aspirations.

Ready for anything

A stylist will ensure that you will be ready for any occasion. Jet from the office straight to cocktails with friends with ease and confidence. The great thing about working with a Style Doctors stylist is that we won’t just pull together looks for you, we will also show you how to wear them and how to transition for different situations. You will always be ready for whatever comes your way.

You never know when after dinner drinks might evolve into a networking opportunity.

Now that you know how a stylist can have a huge impact on your overall being, book a session with our team today. Confidence CAN be achieved when you look and feel great.

by Brittney

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