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Outerwear Style Tips For Men

When it comes to wardrobe investments, outerwear should be a top priority for men and a great outfit can either be elevated or ruined by the outerwear. Investing in 3-4 versatile pieces can make all the difference in your over all look and can help with defining your personal style. When purchasing outerwear pieces, there are a few points that you want to keep in mind…


Where you live will be a huge factor, considering the weather can play a huge part in how you need to dress from day to day. Do you experience very harsh winters or do you have summer year around? This will factor in whether you should invest in a sturdy winter coat vs. a light windbreaker. Though weather is constantly changing, the average weather is a good indicator as to which coat you should invest the most money in.

Long Winters: If you experience long, cold winters choose a puffer style jacket or a warm peacoat that can be layered over knitwear.

Mild All Year Round: A lighter sports jacket or a trench are your best choices. Avoid wool based outerwear as these will provide too much warmth.

Layering the classic Peacoat

Shirt | Sweater | Scarf | Sunglasses | Peacoat | Chinos | Shoes 


Your favorite hobbies are very telling of the type of coat you will need to invest in. If you’re a man who enjoys happy hours after work, you may consider a different coat to a man who travels every weekend. Your hobbies will indicate your everyday coat, especially on the weekends when work/career isn’t a factor.

Traveler: If you’re always travelling, you will want a light coat that can easily be thrown into a bag, but also keep you warm enough on a cold plane. A trench or lightweight parka would be ideal.

Happy Hour Goer: If you’re going directly from work to happy hour, you want to do it in style. A blazer or any jacket with structure is a good choice as these elevate outfits.

You should always put thought into garments before you make a major investment; and if you worry that you may not make the best decision, hiring a stylist can relieve a lot of stress as they’re able to use valuable information about you to curate the perfect options for your outerwear.

If you’re ready to invest in a few key outerwear pieces, email us today.

by Brittney

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