Half Day Personal Shopper For Women


Would you love a wardrobe that’s easy to manage, that has multiple outfit combinations and is suitable for any occasion? Our Half Day Personal Shopping service is perfect if you find that you waste money on clothes you never wear and feel like nothing seems to fit or look quite right on you. Perhaps you go shopping and either feel overwhelmed or come back with similar things every time you shop? You may not even have time to shop and want a personal shopper to curate a wardrobe that’s perfect for you and your lifestyle.

The Half Day Personal Shopping session will leave you with an easy-to-manage wardrobe that all works together, rather than a wardrobe with a few nice pieces.

This package can take place in a location of your choice, catering to the needs and budget we have previously discussed with you. What we do is make sure we get a good capsule wardrobe that can be mixed and matched in lots of different ways. Before the shopping day, we will have researched fully into your brief, making sure we know exactly what to buy.

Your stylist will know precisely where to locate every item on your list, leaving the shopping trip stays as relaxed and fun as possible. You can rest in the knowledge that all of your pieces will work together to create multiple outfits that are perfect for you.

As you’re shopping, you’ll learn which shops are best for you, which shapes are best for you, how to mix and match and how to create successful outfits. The shopping experience is much more than an accompanied shopping trip. You’ll come away from the session with a clear view of how the new items will work with your existing wardrobe and how to shop again. Our personal shoppers are the best at what they do and you’ll come away with as much as possible for your budget.

The aim of the day is to understand you, your lifestyle and to get you feeling great. After the day you will get a report with tips of how to wear your new clothes and how to make sure you get the most out of them.



Half Day Personal Shopper For Women

What’s included?

• Learn about how to dress for your individual shape and lifestyle

• See how to put outfits together successfully

• Find out where to shop, and more importantly, how to shop

• See how to mix and match outfits as you go along

• Lots of outfits that can be mixed and matched successfully for any occasion

• An in-depth style report – saving you time while getting dressed

• Color advice

• Shape and trend advice

• Outfit ideas

• This package lasts four hours

7 reviews for Half Day Personal Shopper For Women

  1. Maria

    I had a fantastic experience last week and achieved more than I would have by myself shopping for a whole year. I loved the no-nonsense style of shopping and I think everyone should shop like this! I’ll book again for my Winter wardrobe. Thank you.

  2. Christine

    I had the most amazing time today. It was an absolute pleasure shopping with Elin who completely understood what I was trying to achieve. I now have a fabulous capsule wardrobe which includes colours and styles which, on my own, I would never have chosen or been brave enough to wear. The garments and accessories Elin chose are all on trend and made me feel like a million dollars; definitely not mutton dressed as lamb!
    I will certainly be booking another shopping trip in September and will have no hesitation in recommending Style Doctors to my friends and work colleagues.
    Thank you so much and have a wonderful summer.

  3. Nicola Brownlie

    My half day with Zoe today was everything I’d hoped for and more. She’d not only picked out some clothes that I instantly fell in love with but ones that I originally thought “are you nuts?! that’ll never, in a million years suit me” she got me trying on and actually buying them because I wanted to be pushed out of my comfort zone and because it looked great!
    I wouldn’t hesitate in doing the half day again (probably summer) and will be strongly recommending to all my friends and family that they do the same.

    • Style Doctors

      That’s fantastic to hear! We are so happy you enjoyed the stylist experience and we look forward to hearing from you again in the Summer – Style Doctors.

  4. Yasmin.W

    Sara was amazing last week and put me at ease straight away. More than that she actually got me and what I wanted to achieve straight away.

    I was always apprehensive that a stylist would just put you in fashion forward things that they like but it was the total opposite.

    I really loved the fact that she listened to what I wanted, asked me about my lifestyle and really got to know me. It sounds cliché but it was really like shopping with a friend.

    Loved every minute of it and I’ve been getting so many compliments about my outfits already.

    Yasmin xx

  5. Dipa

    I had such an amazing session with my stylist! I came away with so many new outfits and can’t wait to wear everything. I read lots of reviews before coming to you and I’m so glad I went for the right company. Off to buy some new hangers! x

    • Style Doctors

      Hi Dipa, we are so happy to hear that you enjoyed your style experience! We hope to see you again in the future.

  6. Caroline

    You actually saved my life Style Doctors! The lovely Anara met me at Mall of the Emirates for a life changing half day of amazing shopping. My brief was simple (a work wardrobe to make an impact) by I am by no way simple. I would call my body shape ‘difficult to dress’ hence why I have not shopped a lot in the past and just live in the same items on rotation.

    I was starting a new job (in a new country) and am in senior management however my wardrobe does not reflect my role.

    Anara managed to find me so many great outfits that are all ‘mix and match’ as she calls them and she got my brief just right. There wasn’t one thing I tried on that made me feel uncomfortable .

    I would highly recommend this service to anyone who wants to learn about dressing for their body shape and come away with lots of new outfits.

    With thanks, C x

  7. Priya

    Loving my new capsule wardrobe (see I know the fashion talk now!) I had such a productive styling slot Sarah at Mall of the Emirates and came away with so many outfits. Ask for Sarah when booking, she is amazing.

    • Style Doctors

      We are so glad to hear that you had such a successful styling session with Sarah and hope to see you again in the future!

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