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Save Time and Money By Hiring a Personal Stylist

At some point or another most people have thought about what it would be like hiring a personal stylist. Then the thought stops there because people wrongly assume that having a stylist is exclusively for the rich and famous or that it’s and extravagance. In fact, that could not be further from the truth. Hiring a personal stylist is actually a long term investment in yourself and financially.

“A personal stylist actually saves you money as they only let you buy the items that they know you will wear time and time again. They know where to find the best items for your budget meaning that you don’t over-spend. Even more important than saving you money, a Style Doctor also gives you the gift of time and little is more important than that” – Style Doctors CEO Elin Mai

Here at Style Doctors we offer a range of packages that will keep you looking and feeling good whilst not breaking the bank. Not only are sessions affordable, they are actually priceless. The tips and knowledge you get working with a stylist will stay with you forever, unlike that $6.00 Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks.

If you still need some convincing, check out other services that people don’t think twice about spending their dollars on (even though some have no long-lasting benefits).

Price Comparison

#1 – Deluxe Manicure and Pedicure: $95

#2 – Coffee Approx $115 – $200 a month

#3 –  Bi-weekly massage: $165 per massage $310 for the month

#4 – Hair: $200 – $400 a month

#5 – Riding Uber: $200 – $700 a month

Two Hours with a Style Doctors stylist – $200 (one off or as many times as you require)

Investing In Yourself

The truth of the matter is – you really cannot put a price tag on investing in yourself. Investing in a personal stylist in much more than coming away with beautiful clothes, it is confidence and understanding of style and self.

On a daily basis most of us have to get up and to go work or leave the house which means we all need to put on an outfit for the day. Your wardrobe speaks for you before you do, so what do you want your personal style to say about you? Invest in a Style Doctors stylist and let us help make your daily routine easy. Make an investment that will put you first, you deserve it!

“I bought a Style Doctors experience for my Mom for her birthday last year and she’s still talking about it to everyone she meets. We usually went down the massage, perfume, spa day route but it seems that what she gained from a half day session with her stylist was above and beyond any gift we had bought her in the past” –  Linda, New York

So the next time you go to order an Uber or you head to Starbucks for the third time in the day, stop and think, this money could go to booking a stylist instead, an experience that will last a lifetime.  View all our services here.

by Brittney

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