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Styling Tips for Petite Girls

Winter is such a fun and festive season! It’s full of so many get-togethers that spread the holiday cheer around. Having a great party look during these cold months can be tricky though, especially for those of us who are petite (vertically challenged). Fear not! This article will provide some tips and tricks that will give the illusion of looking taller.

“Being just 5 feet tall, shopping is a generally a struggle and shopping for occasion clothes even more so with so many floor length gowns and jumpsuits that are a miles too long!”

With my height and budget in mind, I headed out to help you fellow petite girls look and feel good this holiday season.

Outfit Under $75

My first-holiday look is from Topshop and is under $75. The most flattering aspect of this outfit is the subtle stripes going up and down the length of the romper. This helps guide the eyes vertically which elongates the body. The mini cut of the romper also allows you to show more leg.

“If you’re not confident enough to go with bare legs (let’s face it, it’s New York after all), match the shoes with the color of the tights to extend the legs even more!”

Corduroy Dress | Silver Bag | Boots | Belt | Turtle-neck | Earrings

Alternatively, opt for knee-high boots with a comfortable block heel. For this look, I recommend you to buy only the main pieces – the dress and the statement accessory – the silver bag. This look could be accessorized with your own staples such as silver hoop earrings, waist belt, black polo neck and high boots.

Adding a mini bag not only complements the outfit nicely by adding a silver accent, but the proportion of the bag helps make you look taller as well. 

My three looks for petite girls

“The key for petite girls is all about making the legs appear longer whether this be with a high waisted skirt or by drawing focus to the top half of the body with a large necklace”

Outfit Under $150

The next outfit is from Express and is under $150. Nothing says the holidays like red and if you want to stand out as a petite girl, this is my top recommendation for the party season and beyond.

“A jumpsuit a petite girl’s best friend as the one colour immediately lengthens the body making you look taller”

Teaming-up the jumpsuit with neutral heels keeps the focus on the jumpsuit and further adds height to a petite frame.

Necklace | Heels | Jumpsuit | Poncho | Handbag |Bracelet | Lipstick

Outfit Under $500

My final holiday look is from Bloomingdale’s. This outfit incorporates the same techniques used in the previous styles to create a for under $500. Again, the tights match the shoes perfectly witch lengthens the legs (you can also achieve this with nude heels and stockings). The beautiful clutch not only adds a pop of color, but its sleek size makes us look taller!

Shopping as someone with a petite frame has its challenges, however, utilizing these tips can help you overcome the obstacles of your build in a smart and easy way! If you have any more styling questions, please feel free to contact us. We are always more than happy to help! 

by Khadija

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