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Summer Workwear Tips For Him

Statistically speaking, we spend a majority of our time in the workplace and even if you don’t work in fashion, being well-dressed should still be a priority. People make first impressions within 7 seconds of meeting you, and your clothes have the highest influence on that impression. Our summer workwear tips take the chore out of shopping for the office and ensure that you’ll be making the best impressions at the water cooler.

Choosing & Understanding Fabrics

Picking the right fabric can make or break an outfit. Cotton, linen and silk are some of the most common materials to wear during summer. These fabrics are lightweight in nature and move very easily with the body. Be careful, though — while these fabrics are going to be the most lightweight, they’re also the most prone to wrinkling. Be prepared at work by keeping a handheld steamer in your desk drawer. It takes 2 minutes to steam a jacket in the morning, and makes a world of difference to your overall appearance once your jacket is wrinkle-free.

Also keep in mind that many of these linen blends are going to be lining-free or come with only partial lining. This is great if you tend to run hot, but keep in mind that it’s also one less layer in between you and the outside world. If you tend to sweat during the summer, it can easily show through the material if there isn’t a full jacket lining. Stylist Tip: Wait to put your jacket on until you get to work, or keep an extra blazer over your office chair for when you arrive.

Accessorizing for the Heat

So you’ve picked out the best linen blend jackets that your favorite store has to offer, but you’re missing the accessories. When it’s hot outside, accessories can sometimes feel like an extra weight. Don’t get discouraged – you can find dapper pieces that aren’t necessarily neckties or hats or bulky watches. Keep in mind that a high quality belt and a standout pocket square can be enough to complete your look! And shoes? Style Doctors recommends loafers as they’re a sophisticated alternative to the dress shoe, but don’t require long socks. Stylist Tip: Wearing cotton chinos instead of dress pants? Cuff them by one inch to show off your cool loafers and take a more modern approach to your summertime work wardrobe.

Feature Image Courtesy of Black Lapel Custom Clothiers | Above Image | Solid Homme linen-hopsack trousers | Topman dress shirt | Topman printed tie | Hugo Boss cotton-linen sport coat | Lanvin pocket square | Berluti leather belt | Gucci loafers | Cole Haan monkstraps

Ready to shop?

No matter what style you go for this summer, confidence is what will complete the perfect look. A well-dressed and confident man is bound to make the best impression, and our summer workwear tips fall right into that lifestyle. Not sure where to start on this wardrobe renovation? Book a Style Doctor appointment for our expert one-on-one help!

by Tenzin and Molly

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